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Tumblety Sketch In SF Examiner

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  • Tumblety Sketch In SF Examiner

    From the photo which graces the cover of Tim Riordan's 'Prince of Quacks"

    San Francisco Examiner
    December 16, 1888

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    That's true. On the cover of Tim's book was an actual photograph. That photograph was originally on the cover of Tumblety's rarely seen 1871 autobiography. Tim found the autobiography at the NY Historical Society.

    What the SF Examiner showed hear looks like an artist's sketch of that photograph.

    Roger discovered the Dec 16, 1888 SF Examiner's article many years ago. The first time I ever saw this sketch was when Roger placed it in his article Inspector Andrews Revisited - Part Three. That article appeared in the October 2010 issue of The Casebook Examiner.

    So that sketch of Tumblety hadn't been publicly shown for almost 122 years when it appeared in 2010. Just chatting about a bit of history here.