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    Here in the Studiolo, we can discuss various aspects of the case that are neglected or not dealt with in depth.

    Everyone is focused on the mutilation aspect so let's start there, with fresh eyes.

    The Mutilations

    Why did Jack the Ripper only slash the abdomen after he slashed the throat of Mary Ann Nichols? Was it really the "bridge between fantasy and reality" and/or just that, and does that mean he was being tentative and working up to the "pattern of sexual serial murder"?

    There were no injuries about the body until just about the lower part of the abdomen. Two or three inches from the left side was a wound running in a jagged manner. The wound was a very deep one, and the tissues were cut through. There were several incisions running across the abdomen. There were three or four similar cuts running downwards, on the right side, all of which had been caused by a knife which had been used violently and downwards. Wikipedia
    Martin Fido, on the other hand, saw evidence of only one noteworthy cut: "the great gash ran from the bottom of the ribs, just right of the sternum, to the pelvis." CASEBOOK
    This is an example of hard physical evidence that is either considered random (in this case just part of a random escalation of a random series of mutilation killings) or is dismissed as unrelated or dismissed as coincidental or random again, or an insignificant pattern cased by some mundane reason unrelated to the killer's psyche.

    Here are some more if you'd like to tackle them:

    The Murder Locations

    These locations are hard geographic evidence. You could connect the dots and find a picture of Mickey Mouse but at least you'd be dealing with hard evidence.

    The Goulston Street Graffito

    The Graffito is dismissed as unrelated to the crime and even those who believe in it dismiss the indents as being a result of the brickwork on the door post, alternating length and end of the brick, which makes no sense when there are two indents in a row. There wouldn't be two end bricks in a row. Everyone knows what writers have unique indents.