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Does a photograph of JACK exist?

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    According to Rumbelow a dustman saw a man walking along Hanbury St at about 6am with bloodstained clothes. The dustman gave a statement to the police. Perhaps he (Jack) was just a bit early for catsmeat from Mrs Hardyman.

    I do think, absolutely, that Jack may have gone round to the crime scenes after work and enjoyed hearing people speculating.

    Cream was cross-eyed and Reg Christie was a bit sinister looking (though not in the opinion of his neighbours apparently) but many murderers are ordinary looking and I've got the feeling Jack probably was.


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      Originally posted by Anna Morris View Post
      Fascinating! I think it's all about the eyes. Like MJK was noted to have previously been with a man with odd eyes.

      I wonder also if the victims are pictured in street scenes of the time. Could even MJK be in a street scene somewhere? I suppose we would never know even if we looked directly at her.

      Anna do you recall the source of that info re: MJK being with someone with unusual eyes?


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        Originally posted by Anna Morris View Post
        Robert: That fellow looks like he has photo shopped eyes. Strange indeed!

        I think Jack may have gone back to scenes of the crimes especially if he didn't have any organs in his pockets. It makes sense to me that Jack may have been someone who could legitimately have been on the streets with bloody hands, clothes or even a knife, and no one would have questioned him. Sometimes I think Jack was a street vendor who could stand by his cart (cats meat?) and watch all the excitement. Wouldn't it be a bigger horror is he sold body parts as petfood? Jack would have a laugh over that I think.

        While I absolutely agree that Jack would have revisited the scenes of his crimes, perhaps obsessively, I don't see him with the social skills to be a street vendor although that is a really interesting theory. Like Sweeney Todd almost? Serving up his victims to the public.

        Pity Victorian era police didn't realize how important it would have been to surveill the crime scenes for characters who repeatedly showed up there afterwards without good reason.