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Was it really Mary Kelly?

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    Originally posted by Tim Atkinson View Post
    Thank you, Sam. Wasn't Walter Dew respected for his incredible memory for the smallest of details? I'm sure I read that somewhere.
    Possibly, but he was clearly way off-beam when it came to "Indian Harry" Bowyer. I get the distinct impression that he had very little involvement in the Kelly case, and that he beefed up his rôle by resorting to, and misinterpreting, hearsay and press-cuttings.

    Apart from Dew's Bowyer gaffe, another example would be his assertion that he slipped and fell in the bloody mess on the floor as he entered 13 Miller's Court. As we know, the bloody mess was confined to the corner of the room where Kelly lay. So, unless Dew entered the room by limbo-dancing under the bed, chances are he made up this part of his story, too; influenced, perhaps, by spurious press accounts that blood and flesh were strewn all over the place. We know better.
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      Ha Ha. Limbo dancing,. Well he was a small fella. Ahem.


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        As much as I would like to think Mary Kelly evaded the Ripper I don't think she did.


        Mrs. Maxwell testified to have seen Mary Kelly not once but twice several hours after doctors believe she had died. The first occassion was between 8:00 and 8:30 A.M. in front of Miller's Court, looking, in Mrs. Maxwell's opinion, to be quite ill. Mrs. Maxwell stated that she was sure of the time because her husband returned from work around 8:00 each morning. The second time was an hour later when Mrs. Maxwell claims she saw Kelly speaking with a man outside the Britannia public house.

        Mrs. Maxwell vividly described the clothes she saw on the woman she believed to be Kelly that morning as "a dark shirt, velvet bodice and a maroon-coloured shawl." When asked if she had ever seen Kelly in this outfit, she replied that she definitely remembered her wearing the shawl
        Did Maxwell see Kelly or her killer?
        (Jill the Ripper theory - )

        I would also like to add - facial mutilation is often a characteristic of the murderer and the victim knowing each other. Both Catherine Eddows and Mary Kelly suffered vicious facial wounds as well as horrific mutilations to the body. This would suggest the Ripper knew them both which answers the question -was it Mary Kelly? Yes.
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