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Edwards Lecture At Wolverhampton University

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  • Edwards Lecture At Wolverhampton University

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    I didn't know Mitre Square was in Whitechapel.


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      Or was it supposed to be in February 2016? You do have a thread on the unveiling of the plaque, apparently in late June or early July 2015:

      But no mention there of Wolverhampton University. I can't find anything about it on the university's website or Jari Louhelainen's Twitter page, either.


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        Definitely from Feb. Same wording and same pictures:


        Russell Edwards Lectures at Wolverhampton University

        admin in News 0 comments 16 FEB 2015
        Russell Edwards Lectures at Wolverhampton University

        Russell Edwards and Dr Jari Louhelainen, Senior Lecturer of Molecular Biology were honoured to be invited to present their story to Wolverhampton University last week. The story runs along-side the unvailing of Wolverhampton Civil and Historical Society unveiling their sponsored plaque for Catherine Eddowes who lived nearby at 20 Merridale Street, Graiseley Green. Catherine Eddowes was of course murdered by Jack the Ripper on 30th September 1888 in Whitechapel.


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          Thanks Chris and Debs....I didn't think of looking for the date in the link.

          I've changed the thread title.


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            I was curious about this and emailed Wolverhampton University to ask if Russell Edwards had really given a lecture there.

            The Head of Media and Communications responded very promptly as follows:

            "Thanks for your email. I can't find any mention of him being invited to the University on our website and it doesn't ring any bells. There was a story in the local paper when they unveiled the blue plaque but no mention of a talk or lecture. I'm sure on a subject such as this we would remember it as it would attract media attention.

            Sorry I couldn't be more conclusive."


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              Hi Claire - er I mean Chris

              Shawly it's just a mistake on the websites part.......
              If you're going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.


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                Could this lecture have taken place in the stands at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC?