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  • JTR Conspiracy?

    As unpleasant a topic as it may seem, any and all subjects must be considered and debated when in pursuit of knowledge or advancement. If not, then the drive toward truth and discovery holds no meaning; and offers less chance of a successful conclusion. With that said, I do not offer the following as a likelihood or confirmed state, but should wish only that we all remain alert to the possibility, and look at the motives and qualifications of each writer or Ripperologist.
    So - if there were to be a great advancement in this, our favorite riddle, how likely is it that there would be an equally great move to suppress or deny it? Let us be clear and honest with ourselves here - Ripperology is, and has always been, a money-making venture for a lot of people. Authors; filmmakers; publishers; game makers; souvenirs shops and makers; tours; lodging and food retailers near Jack’s haunts; booksellers; and so many more. An end to the mystery of who Jack was would dry these these businesses up, or at least reduce their trade. This is why I believe most major disease will never be cured - illness is big money.
    Now, I am NOT saying Ripperologists - writers, bloggers, and the others I mentioned above are ANYTHING less than honorable, decent people in search of the truth. But there exists the POSSIBILITY of there being some individuals who might have reason to suppress the truth. We should bear that in mind whenever one or more persons too strongly ‘Pooh-pooh’ a new theory, book, or item of evidence. Examine their motives, and the strenuous arguments they make as to why. Debate is good - it is a hallmark of good detective work. But everyone should be prepared to back his or her claims with sound evidence or reasoning. Not with emotion or ulterior motive.
    And let us, individually, not unwittingly act as their accomplices - keep an open mind in this case; be prepared to accept new ideas or theories if sound; and to let go of favorite theories and beliefs of your own if they have become no longer reasonable.

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    This is the information age so anything available will eventually be known. The only way I can see that information would be effectively repressed is if someone had original documents no one else has seen or can access. In that case, the information would be worth a lot of money through a book deal and other media approaches, thus likely to surface at some time.

    I have wondered about suppressed information back in 1888 but it looks like a lot which looks that way can be explained satisfactorily, like the very short inquest on MJK.

    Information I think may have been hidden in 1888 is the identity of MJK's family. I have a strong suspicion they did come forward and the investigators allowed them to retain anonymity, perhaps just to spare good people the notoriety. Or was there a brother in the Guards who was moving up in the ranks? Or was her family "well to do" in Cardiff? Or was a prostitution network being protected?


    The interesting thing about curing diseases is it is extremely complex. Information and knowledge is not suppressed but studies are tweaked sometimes so as not to favour an old drug, perhaps off patent, while the pharmaceutical industry develops new, expensive--perhaps deadly--new drugs.

    I found another interesting thought about the difficulty of curing many diseases in a patent application for a biochemical. Most of the diseases still uncured, many of which are chronic, occur because of a glitch somewhere in a biological process. These glitches cause too much or too little of something things necessary for health. It can be very difficult finding the exact break in the chain and correcting these things is very difficult.

    Since I intend to aid medical research I have been studying how research is done and have been shocked and frightened by what I have found. It is not clear cut, that there are cures that are suppressed. It has to do with little things in studies that lead to answers that show inefficacy and then the whole subject gets dropped. There have been medications that ameliorate suffering, "proven" to be ineffective, because those medications are off patent and do not yield enough profit. Anything that stands between suffering people and relief, to me, is exceedingly cruel and inexcusable.
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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      Hi again Patrick

      I see you live in Maryland. Where, if I might ask? My wife Donna and I have just relocated from Baltimore to Newark, Delaware, to live with Donna's sister.

      I don't believe the Ripper murders were the result of a conspiracy or a gang or a even a couple of guys. With more than one person, something is going to leak or they'll make mistakes. No, this was a solo operator, probably no one we have never heard of (sorry, Jonathan Hainsworth!).

      For him to get away with the murders time and again, it had to be one person.

      Whether he was a local man or an outsider is yet another question. My hunch is that he lived in the area but I might be wrong.

      That is, it could have been a non-resident of the East End who was very familiar with the back alleys and side streets that made the area a warren difficult for the police and the vigilance committees alike to monitor.


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        Here's a simple question...well maybe 2 to whoever believes or contemplates some kind of conspiracy in relation to the Whitechapel murders.
        First, conspiracy to what purpose?
        Second, who were involved and why?
        Best Wishes,
        Cris Malone
        "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."