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  • milchmanuk
    it was officer Walter Dew who wrote , sudgen copied from " i caught Crippen "
    " i was there i don't believe he got through our net that night" or words to that affect -i had read quotes that very.
    i presumed they employed choke points in a spiders web of routine patrols if they got lucky. not so much as to procedures of policing and arrests.

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  • milchmanuk
    started a topic Police NET !

    Police NET !

    hi ,, new here and this looks like the place to post this question !
    really would like to know what the police net actually was and consists of in man power and tactics they employed to catch JTR.
    i read this in perhaps Philip Sugdens book recently or here in thread, officials disbelief JTR had got through there NET, i presume a spiders web of bobby's at least.

    reseason being is to think more on the killer having local knowledge or part or full time resident.
    ( humour ) certainly not a day tripper ? as sunlight Soap would RIP him up.