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    I'd say this is very reminiscent of the Mafia Theories of The Axeman of New Orleans. I'm leaning toward Mafia.

    I think someone on Casebook asked if there was any example of a series done by or involving members of a secretive society. I don't know if an underground one works. But does anyone see the similarity?


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      San Luis Obispo:

      Thuggee were an example of a secretive society of killers who employed the same tecnique ( garrotting).

      There was a theory that some sort of cult was murdering women ( prostitutes) out in the Old West, which was Chinese in origin. I can't recall their name at the moment and it was only a theory.


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        Could it be the Tong?

        The person on Casebook should take note. I could only think of the Beast of Gevaudan which was certainly an aristocratic conspiracy.

        The first canonical Axeman murder was against the Maggios in 1918 and the killer wrote a piece of graffito stating "Tonight Mrs Maggio will sit up like Mrs. Tony".

        Mrs Tony was probably a reference to Mrs. Tony Sciambra who was attacked with her husband in 1912. They were either shot or had their throats cut, and Mrs. Tony survived. Reports were that Tony Sciambra had an argument two weeks earlier with a couple of men came, addressing her as "Mrs Tony" and argued with Tony before leaving, and Mrs Tony did not cooperate when asked about the incident after the attack. The last victim was also uncooperative although she said she saw the culprit or culprits.

        Two armed men entered Debilia Liacola as Vito DiGiorgio was sitting in a barbers chair. Police believed they trailed the men over the country to kill them.


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          Not sure if was the Tong, San.