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Point To Ponder : Seaman Sadler- Guilty Or Not Guilty ?

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    Originally posted by Steve Stanley View Post
    No.....Everything points to the guy she went off with from Commercial Street
    Can`t help but see the similarities between BS Man and the Cheese cutter hat man.

    Short with moustache.
    Assaulted Ellen Callana, Callaghan, Calland... erm Cross ..Lechmere


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      I tend to think Sadler did not kill Coles, but I always felt she set him up to be robbed, and it would be understandable if in a fit of drunken fury, he retaliated. Since I think she had something to do with Sadler being robbed there is also the possibility that she had a disagreement with the group who did the attack, and one of them killed her in a subsequent argument.

      This is almost off topic, but we tend to wonder about cases where women had their throats cut, whether or not they were JtR acts. Yet the throat seemed to be a number one target for attackers with knives and this probably should be under "points to ponder". If I thought about attacking someone with a knife I would think about stabbing in the abdomen or maybe chest. Yet in a number of cases circa Ripper we see the throat being the number one target. We can start with James Kelly stabbing his wife in the throat. Ada Wilson was stabbed in the throat. Frances Coles' throat was not cleanly cut.

      So why was the throat the place to stab? Because people wore a lot of clothes and the throat was visible? Because women were likely to wear corsets and stays? Were men similarly attacked with stabbings to the throat?

      My point as to Coles is maybe she had a disagreement with the group who attacked Sadler and one of them decided to stab her and he (or she?) went for the standard target and so we end up wondering if Jack killed Frances and if Sadler was Jack.
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