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  • Point To Ponder : Just The Facts

    Joan Tortorello came up with this idea.....

    Make a list of things which constitute ( Case- related ) facts to you and post them....
    It might be a list with only 1 or 2 items....or maybe a dozen.
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    IMHO, the piece of Eddowes apron was placed/left where it was found on Goulston Street and not dragged there by an animal or put there by someone other than the murderer of Catherine Eddowes.
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      The facts are sparse but I'm sure I'm missing a few.

      Five women were viciously murdered and mutilated in the White Chapel section of East End London from August 31, 1888 until November 9, 1888. All but Mary Kelly were discovered in the wee hours of the morning. The piece of apron found on Goulstron Street matched the Eddowes apron. The witnesses were all over the place with their statements and descriptions so aside from the specific addresses. details of the mutilations, a knife, and the positioning of the bodies there isn't much else to consider as a hard fact.

      Mary Ann Nichols Friday 31 August 1888 – Discovered at approximately 3:40 A.M. - Throat cut, mutilated

      Annie Chapman Saturday 8 September 1888 = Discovered at approximately 5:30 A.M. - Throat cut, mutilated

      Elizabeth Stride Sunday 30 September 1888 – Discovered at approximately 1:00 A.M. - Throat cut

      Catherine Eddowes Sunday 30 September 1888 – Discovered at approximately 1:45 A.M. - Throat cut, mutilated

      Mary Kelly Friday 9 November 1888 – Discovered at approximately 10:45 A.M. - Throat cut, mutilated

      Weapon – Knife
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        I agree completely with Joan and add the collective knowledge we now have about the backgrounds of the victims because this is part of understanding. Since I have difficulty sleeping I sometimes make mental lists of things the victims (C-5) have in common to see if I can find a pattern.

        They were all widows, allowing for questions about Kelly.

        Polly, Annie and Kate had all borne children. Mary and Liz I believe not.

        All of them had alcohol problems.

        None of them were born in the East End.

        Stride and Kelly were born outside England. (If we believe Mary's stated history.)

        Four were middle age. (I personally believe Mary was about 30. Some said she looked that old.)

        The name Kelly weaves in and out of the tale but I don't think it means anything. I think Kelly then and there must be like Smith, Jones or Brown in the US today.

        Mary Kelly was the only one to have prostitute written on her death certificate.

        Liz and Mary had recently separated from men with whom they had lived for a period of time. (Kidney, Barnett)


        I think over time I have thought of about 40 tid bits like this.

        The one I think means the most is that none of these women were born in the East End. I think Jack knew they would be soft targets for his needs. I have an idea most of the local girls would have fought like wild cats.
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