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    Thanks a lot for those photos, Debs....I've heard of the Rasch murder but didn't know the details.

    To accompany what Debs has shared :

    Leeds Times
    July 14, 1894
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      Thanks, How.
      The name Rasch seems to ring a bell with me for another reason but I can't for the life of me remember what at the moment!


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        Koczula (described as a waiter) was executed, Susannah not guilty.


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          Thanks, Robert.


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            Considering the huge press interest, I can’t believe the newspapers didn’t return to Miller’s Court in the 30 thirty years after 1888.

            Originally posted by Sean Crundall View Post

            Hi Rob,

            For what its worth, I do think that there are many more photos out there...somewhere!

            Matters likely took other photos of the crime scenes...but where to look? Perhaps they were deposited (by a family member, after his death in 1951) with a local library. If were they added to the holdings of the well known archival centres they'd have been found by now. Perhaps a descendant still has them. It tends to be assumed that if descendants possess anything of interest then they'd sell to interested parties, or release to the newspapers. My own contact with certain descendants doesn't confirm this belief.

            There are many twists and turns to this case, perhaps as many as the number of documents, photos and letters consigned to the skip or incinerator. A depressing reality! That said, I still believe there to be many untapped sources out there.

            My very best wishes,



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              Originally posted by Sean Crundall View Post
              Photo 1 is the frontispiece to the 1928 edition, second impression. I suspect the first impression also contained the same photo. I have a second 1928 impression.

              I do wonder if Matters took more photos, other than those which appeared in the '28 and '48 editions.
              Matters was afraid to get past the foul-mouthed old woman sitting in the chair outside the court. He had to wait until she left to go into the court before taking the pictures.