What place in history, if any, would the 1888 Whitechapel murders occupy if it was not for news coverage at the time? Note, I do not say JtR murders because he, by that name, is either an invention of a newspaperman or by publicity, a result of the press coverage.

How has been posting Elements, up to 5 now, that seem to be unique to these crimes. How many of these elements would have occurred if not for press coverage leading to pressure on authorities, etc.?

Second, if there had not been such publicity and pressure, is it more likely the murderer(s) would have eventually been caught in the act by the local populace? Perhaps without the glare of attention the killer(s) would have continued longer, gotten more brazen or complacent and sloppy and been caught by people in the neighborhood? (In which case he would probably have been hanged from a lamp post and tossed into the Thames when the tide was going out.)