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Pondering W. H. Bury

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  • Pondering W. H. Bury

    There are two very interesting points about William Henry Bury.

    In one case, somewhat early in his marriage to Ellen, the landlady heard her screaming and found him kneeling on top of his wife with a table knife to her neck, threatening to cut her throat. He had been out drinking, had run out of money, asked his wife for more and she said no.

    We have the idea the C-5 were prostituting when they were killed but they had no money. Surely a prostitute would get the money first and put it in her pocket or some other secure place? Annie and Kate both had their under skirt pockets slashed open. All of these murders happened after or near pub closing time. Had Bury run out of money and in a deranged drunken state, asked the victims for money in the way he asked his wife? When they had little or no money, did he kill them as he might have done to his wife? If he was JtR, did he take Annie's rings hoping he could pawn them for money to continue drinking?

    Bury is even more interesting when we ponder why no JtR killings happened in October. In that month Bury went to Ellen's sister to say that Ellen was ill. Ellen had actually been badly beaten by her husband and her face was severely bruised. She and her sister threatened legal action if he did not keep the peace. Perhaps he had to behave during the month of October and by early November we was extremely frustrated by having been controlled by a couple women during the preceding month. Also by November it seems he was making plans to leave London.
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    Replying to myself.... Bury's wife had threatened to obtain a peace bond against her husband in the month of October. She was backed up by her sister.

    If she had gone to the legal system, naming him as a batterer, would that have brought police attention concerning him as a JtR suspect? Were police casting the net that far? Considering the first reported case of Bury harming his wife was told by the landlady witness and had to do with him in position with a knife threatening to cut her throat, it wouldn't have taken too much for the police to look at him as a Jack suspect?

    Did he have to remain sober in October 1888 so he didn't slip up? If he was Jack, did he kill MJK only after he had mentally firmed up plans to leave London? He was actively working on leaving by early December.
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript