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Point To Ponder : Without That Night At The Opera

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  • Point To Ponder : Without That Night At The Opera

    The thread title refers to the night at the opera that Inspector John Littlechild attended...the same night that his office was blown up by Fenians.

    If that had happened, we wouldn't have had the Littlechild Letter.

    If we didn't have the Littlechild Letter, we'd still have learned of Tumblety

    How much influence do you believe the letter has had upon his candidature as a suspect, major or not ?
    Very Little Difference At All
    Significant Difference
    No Letter, No Real Interest In Tumblety
    Other....Please Explain
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    Well, it was the catalyst... obviously. Any individual who was mentioned by a contemporary official has to have at least significant bearing in a historical sense.
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      I think Tumblety would've still been a character of interest regardless, though probably less so without the Littlechild letter. Similar to Abberline and Godley's suspicion of George Chapman - a different event entirely brought on the public naming of Chapman / Tumblety as a suspect of interest and therefore it could be said to be on false grounds. But as Cris says, anyone who was named by a high ranking official from the time needs to be seriously considered (unless it's Michael Ostrog, obviously ).



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        I voted "Other". It is an historical document directly addressing the JtR murders and some other information. It is wonderful to have letters and such from those who were there.

        Does it make a difference? A difference to what? It does not necessarily identify JtR anymore than does other information and marginalia from the time. It does give us directions to pursue. We learn about Tumblety and what police were thinking. We learn a couple definitions from that era and a general police impression of what made what we now call a serial killer. (JtR was not a sadist because he killed quickly and never tortured. He may not have been driven by sexual urges.)

        I know there has been discussion about if the diversion to Tumblety was an effort to further obfuscate the "Dr. D." which could mean Druitt as per Sims' original inquiry. Even if all that was so, we learn about Tumblety and get a salacious bit about Thaw.

        Though I have seen another version of that story about Thaw and the boy at the Carleton Hotel, applied to an Englishman in a Paris hotel. (Now I am fearing someone will say the Carleton Hotel is in Paris but I think it was--or still is--in London? I could look it up....)
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