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Member Input Requested : Autumn Of Terror Thread

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  • Member Input Requested : Autumn Of Terror Thread

    Mike Covell came up with the idea and I've been keeping the idea alive...occasionally with help from Dave James.

    Should we initiate a thread referencing the Case in some way, any way, since Day One ?

    I'm talking about at least one newspaper article from the English speaking or non-English speaking world for every day since September 1st 1888 ?

    Of course, there were articles referencing the Smith and Tabram murders which Mike omitted at the beginning of the Autumn Of Terror thread....but I can always go back at some point and fit some in.

    What do you think ?

    Should I keep on going with the current AOT thread up to the end of 1888.....or keep it going as long as possible ?
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    Hi How,

    It would be a good idea to continue as there were many 'Ripper' related occurrences over the next couple of years - the Bradford murder in Jan 1889, to start with. There were various 'Ripper' scares over the next few years. Then there was Forbes Winslow and Albert Bachert's involvement through 1889/90.

    However, it might be a good idea to give the thread a new title, as the 'Autumn of Terror' was the last few months of 1888.
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      I love reading them Howard, and now I can get jtrforums on my phone I can do it on the move. I like Dave's idea of changing the title or even setting up a new thread. As Dave points out there was Ripper scares and scandals going on throughout the year across the world after the Autumn of Terror.

      I really appreciate you carrying on the thread Howard, this Autumn of Terror turned into an Autumn of Terror but luckily things are back on track now.


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        I also think that you should keep it going. I got to read a whole year of news on the 1947 project and I found reading that fascinating. So i say keep it going.


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          Please do and thank you for your efforts.



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            Keep it going by all means. I was going to suggest a change to a more suitable title if it is kept going but on reflection it's better to keep the old title IMHO.


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              That sort of settles it....I'll keep it going... all your input was most appreciated.

              Its early and the coffee hasn't kicked if someone has an idea for a better thread title, by all means share it.
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