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    This page might be of interest to some, it contains a fairly detailed outline of what electrobiology is all about as well as, pertaining to this thread, a history of the who's and what's and when's:

    Fair to say that the standards of the average human's handwriting have been on a steady decline since that paper was written....



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      Originally posted by Nemo View Post
      Pre-1850 by any chance Deb?

      The sensation caused by the introduction and practice of mesmerism and it's subsequent history is quite an interesting subject

      I've seen pictures of varied equipment including large bath like structures and pictures of scenes that appear to be stimulated by some form of mass hysteria/hypnosis

      If I remember correctly, "original" mesmerism did not have any connection with hypnotic states, other than a possible explanation for sleepwalking

      It seems strange to me that we use the term "mesmerised" today to indicate some sort of trance

      Animal magnetism is still referred to today but is more akin to a form of sexual attraction

      The original mesmerism was an attempt at healing by manipulating a perceived magnetic fluid which was thought to exist in all living things, usually by the laying on of hands or by the use of copper conductors and the like for people to hold on to

      I suppose the nearest thing we have to it today is the practice of laying on of hands, or those copper/magnetic bracelets you can get to help arthritis etc
      It's 15 years later, Nemo. Would that make a difference to what it may be refferring to? I'm still looking through the huge file it came from to find another mention of 'Electro-Biology' at all, I've seen one acknowledging the original letter but nothing about what the results referred to are about as yet. Fingers crossed there will be something further in as I'm very curious to know how it was came to be mentioned in a murder investigation.

      Thanks for the link, Adam.

      P.S. Just in case anyone thinks I'm ignoring Cris's post above, I answered it by PM yesterday.


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        Just a guess Deb

        Don't know why I said that as this extract states electro biology was introduced to the UK in 1850

        This is a better description of the hypnotic aspects of electro biology which has nothing to do with electricity really...


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          Was there any aspect of sleepwalking involved in the case Deb?


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            Thanks for that link, Nemo. I can't really make head nor tail of how Electro Biology was used by the person who wrote the letter, for this case. There is mention made of the letter writer gathering details from the inquest and that he was enclosing his results (the bit I posted), that's about it, unfortunately.
            Hopefully I will come across some more detail (the second page of the letter might help but it seems to be missing!)
            There's no author's name given but there is an address on the letter so maybe that will help me find out more.


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              I wonder if it's like one of those psychics reporting that he'd done some electro biology experiment producing results relevant to a case

              I've recently read somewhere that electro biology was akin to spirit-rapping

              I'm not sure if that's a quick dismissal or not

              Maybe some people were experimenting with hypnotism as part of spiritualism and the like


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                You are probably right .
                Checking on the address (10 Manor Place, Walworth) brought up a multiple murder case at the exact address a couple of years previous, and then a promising hit for 'Sir Richard Hamilton' who was into the exact same sort of things, had an address at Manor Place (number and area unknown) but sadly,was dead by the 50s.