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    We're always interested in your ideas,folks....even John Savage's.

    So if anyone has an idea or suggestion and for some reason don't want to be the thread all means contact either Jules,Adam,Tim or myself....and we will set it up.

    Feel free at all times to start up a thread.....
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    As was done around 7 months,dear reader,were asked if you had ideas which could be beneficial to the site and of course,to you.

    Now is no different than then. If you have ideas on anything that you wish to see here ( unless of course you want to implement your ideas anyway ), please do what is necessary to get the ball rolling.

    Babysitting 4 kids today ( yeah,you'll have a great New Years Eve )...I saw the kids, on their own, decide which game to play that would be mutually enjoyed in my daughter's room..

    If kids can do it,why not us?

    Casebook has the great newspaper project....and Chris Scott has that I got to thinking...why not something over here?

    Some of us are still ( albeit in bits and pieces ) organizing a compilation on Stephenson....which is a work in perpetuity.

    But if some of you have mutual interests,why not share them or at least express what they are on this thread ? You never know.

    Maybe we can emulate a gaggle of bored pre-teens and get something mutually enjoyable in 2007.
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