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    Forgot to mention that snow is returning once more....this time a foot and a half of the shizit.

    DC,Boston,Philly,NYC...all the important places.
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      Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
      Dear Marvelous Merv;
      Yessirree...its got 4W drive....optional...part time and full.
      Nina tells me that not all Jeeps made today have 4 wheel drive which sort of surprised me.
      Buying one without 4WD doesn't make any sense to me,IMHO.

      Sort of like something around 30 years ago when guys used to scramble down to gyms and bodybuilding joints in order to get bigger and in better physique in order to make themselves more appealing to girls...I never had to do that of course, which you know....
      But then after joining these all male sweat joints...they spent all their time and money there and primped and preened in front of mirrors...and forgot about the girls.
      Yep How,
      I remember the days of 'Charles Atlas ' who ran a mail order body building concern in the UK. The old gag was to write a letter to the great man telling him that you had completed the course and would he now kindly forward the muscles!!
      Be nice to one another!


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        Forget jeeps this is the new mode of transport in the South of England.


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          Then there's Liverpool's Yellow Duckmarine that sank last spring. Luckily the passengers were offloaded before the vehicle began to sink into the Albert Dock.

          Congrats on the new ride, Howard and Nina.


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            Hey How,

            Oh yeah there's nothing better than having a car that you know you can rely on. I don't know what it is in miles but it seems to be that a lot of cars start having one thing go wrong with them after another once they pass about the 300,000 kilometres mark.

            There's been ads on TV down here of late for Jeeps actually. Those annoyingly catchy ones. "You bought a Jeep?" "I bought a Jeep." "....You...bought...a...Jeep?"

            BTW, agree with you in that there's no point buying a big vehicle like that which isn't a 4WD - 2WD utes might as well be half-vehicles.



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              At the moment an amphibian car would be more use than a 4X4 here in the UK.


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                You missed out in this one How, read the reviews



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                  Originally posted by String View Post
                  You missed out in this one How, read the reviews

                  An unsuccessful prototype Dalek?


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                    What Howard Really Wanted

                    But his credit rating couldn't cut the mustard, so he had to settle for the Jeep.


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                      Found the perfect car for you, How.



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                        Should have waited Howard.



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                          Thanks but no thanks, String....they're too small for me.
                          Neat little invention though...
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