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New Front Page Appearance ? Or Not ?

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  • New Front Page Appearance ? Or Not ?

    For the 10th Anniversary of the Forums which occurs on September 19th, I was wondering whether people would like to see a change regarding the front page ( the map and the green background ) to something different.

    One idea I had this morning was along these lines..... starting with a East End woman and punter at left ( in the place of the Texan/monkey )....ending with a man and/or woman at far right typing away on the keyboard....

    If you are satisfied with the way things are, please use your voice to vote no....if you are indifferent to the whole question, then vote that way.....if you would like to see what might replace the old green map....then vote yes.

    In addition, if anyone here has skill in this sort of thing ( i.e. artistically inclined ) graphics or photography....if you'd care to submit your idea to me....please do.

    Thanks !
    NO....I like it the way it is....tradition and all that
    7 sounds like a plan...I wouldn't mind a change
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    On my computer it's a map on a blue background.


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      I've mentioned this a dozen times...once more ain't gonna hurt.
      Go down to the bottom left of the front on the menu

      Change to green.

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        There is no green on mine. There is default style i.e. blue which I'm quite happy with, and silver blue.


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          I'll be damned...sorry Bob....I always thought the green was an option for this :

          If you're happy with yer lot, then please vote that way...thanks.
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            Just to clarify...the picture I posted in the first post is not the only option. If you have one to offer, we might go with that one....we have time.
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              Hi How

              The image you just posted is blue on my machine.

              Anyway, I'm quite happy, but if you do want to change, how about :

              1. Pic of man emerging from 13 Room with evil grin on face.
              2. Same man reading newspaper headlined "JTR Forums To Launch."
              3. Same man holding head and saying "OMG what have I done?"


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                Good ideas, if we could find someone who can do more with drawing than draw flies at a barbecue, we might be on to something.
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                  I like Robert's suggestions. IPN had a picture of Jack crawling out the window at 13 Miller's Court.
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                    Keep the votes coming....they're appreciated....

                    Nina made one about 8 years ago, which I believe is in this FDrive I have which I can't open (long story)....a really one with flickering lights like my avatar on the sides of a brick wall with the site name written sort of like the GSG.
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                      I have blue as well. I am happy with the present appearance, Howard, unless you think a makeover is really necessary. To me the style of the site is fine for what the site does -- and anyway it's the content that matters, is it not?


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                        I agree that its the was just an idea I had today....I'm with the green ( or blue...I'm going to see why that doesn't work for you and Bob and anyone else).....
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                            Pretty neat, String.
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                              Yes sums up the theme of the site and as a bonus has group photo of the members.