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**Question About The Echo Articles**

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  • **Question About The Echo Articles**

    It dawned on me that the reader may be having difficulty reading....or accessing...the PDFs I've posted in the three Echo threads.

    Obviously, and without sounding like a wise guy, you'll need a PDF reader to open them up.

    If you're reading this page with a phone or other device that doesn't have a built in PDF reader...then you probably can't read them.

    Let me know if you can't read them.....
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    How, I didn't have any problems opening any of them. I was looking for follow-up on a Whitechapel Road brothel raid sometime between December 1 and maybe, December 10th (approximate date of the news story, not the actual incident). I didn't see anything. The Echo would have this story, if any newspaper did.


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      IF the newspaper had that might be in another edition of that day's paper. That the right edition surfaces one day ( sooner rather than later ) would be nice.
      Sorry if you couldn't find the story.
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