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Your Best Read(s) of The Year

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  • Lemonjelly
    if restricting myself to 2019, then I guess the best reads would be one of three things.

    As a study/detail book, Jack the ripper & the london press - L Perry Curtis Jnr

    as a more pleasant/enjoyable/relaxing read, The Man who Hunted Jack the Ripper - Nicholas Connell & Stewart P Evans

    the 3rd impressive thing I read was my receipt confirming my order has been received for Adam Woods forthcoming swanson book! And then seeing it is now 750 pages!

    The last excellent book I read was John Malcolms another dead end, but that was november 2018. I started cornwells sickert book in 2019, but finished it in 2020. Have to say it exceeded my expectations.

    In 2020 I'm really looking forward to the aforementioned swanson book. Also, the new A-Z. I'd also be all over any news of anything from Tom Wescott, as I've loved both previous books (but assume it is probably too early to be expecting something in 2020) or anything from John Bennett.

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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic Your Best Read(s) of The Year

    Your Best Read(s) of The Year

    Have a favorite book you'd care to recommend that you read in 2019 ?

    Let us know.......