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Your Attention, Please

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  • Your Attention, Please

    We are currently having a great deal of friction between some posters. One such has already resigned his membership in a huff and has departed for what he presumably believes are greener pastures. Another teeters on the edge of loss of privilege because of his unacceptably abusive replies. Others have expressed their dissatisfaction and annoyance,

    Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve these difficulties, if only you will avail yourselves of it. I speak of the IGNORE function, by which posts by a party whom you have placed on IGNORE status will be invisible to you. Out of sight, out of mind, you know. So if a poster really gets under your skin, just place him/her on IGNORE status and chill out.

    Here's the 5 easy steps to IGNORE someone:
    1. Go to one of the offending poster's posts and click on his/her user name, it being underlined and just above the avatar (if there is one).
    2. Select 'View Public Profile' from the drop-down menu.
    3. You are now viewing the offender's profile. On the menubar below the username and avatar and just above 'Forum Info' and 'Contact Info', you will see the option 'Add <username> to Your Ignore List'.
    4. Select this option.
    5. You will then see the 'Buddy/Ignore Lists' screen. Follow the simple instructions listed thereon.
    Of course, this process is also reversible. But do us all a favor if you find yourself becoming annoyed or angry with a fellow poster and USE IT, preferably liberally. With tools like this available, there are fewer and fewer excuses for the uncivil behaviour being observed on these boards. Yes, that is a hint.

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    One of the features of this site,because of the scrutinization I personally undertake is the limited amount of people allowed to join the site. We are dead serious about the goals of this site. In short,and this has been a practice I've conducted for about 7 months or so...if you are here, you mean something to Ripperology or the community. If numbers meant something to me or the site...we would have around 800 members already. They don't and they never will. I delete more than I accept.

    This may seem exclusionary or draconian,but I don't care. I want only people interested in Ripperology to participate on these boards and in particular,95 to 98 percent of those whom ARE here. I don't particularly care for newbies or curious civilians anymore. 98 percent of them have some mental dysfunction who on the spur of the moment,joined a site to make noise about the Middle East,gun control,or issues which belong on sites that deal with those issues. Current members,of course,can discuss ANY topical or above board issues they want in the Individual Forums....but then,these individuals are of the community already.
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