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  • For the love of God.......

    Hi ho

    Ive been away for 10 days. Did not check the site as I had no internet.

    Now I am back and used the logical thing "New Posts" to see where all Ripper discussion was.

    And lo and behold, the list is just a torrent of crap. Everything under the sun and very few ripper threads.

    Is there any way that a filter can be applied so one can check activity on RIPPER threads without being assaulted by mountains of tripe.

    I mean....I doubt any one cares if half of those are updated so perhaps the New Post function could be confined to just Ripper sections?

    Then I wouldnt have to miss an updated ripper thread just because someone saw fit to post his brilliant find of something useless , an activity better suited to blogs or whatever and not surely a Ripper site?


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    Well, Mr. P, some time ago I had PM'd you and others with this message after a similar complaint:


    I feel your pain and see your opinions. I can fix it where you see
    nothing but the ripper-related material on the site; is this a desirable thing?

    We plan to cut down on a lot of the non-ripper stuff, and eliminate the Dids fluff altogether, but there by necessity will still be some non-ripper material. Blocking it from your view is the best I can offer at the moment. Just lemme know.

    But I never received a reply from anyone. I will now take it upon myself to fix your configuration where you see nothing but general topics and JTR.

    Others who wish the same are welcome to state so and it will be done.

    Done, Mr. P, but you will probably have to log out and back in for it to take effect. Let me know what you think.


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      Lars, my old friend...let me ask you this:

      Would you like to be in charge of the "5 Questions With" section of the Forums or at least help me coordinate it?

      You and I could probably work well together on a project like that.

      Let me know.

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        Hi ho How/admin

        I remember the PM alright but cannot remember my answer (and I am assuming I sent one as I usually do but if not...I'll defer).

        I appreciate the filtering......but I could easily do without the general topics as well as, for example (a random one so no bilking), guys being shot over cheeseburgers can I pick up over on for example.

        So shaving off General Topics from my new post viewing would not a crisis be.

        As to The FIve Questions question......give me a few hours to read it and then I will PM How.




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          This isn't a complaint as such more an enquiry.

          Sometimes I'm using a thread that's busy then you get hardly anyone posting apart from myself so I stop. Later I think it will be nice to resurrect it again and I can't find it because the title was completely different than I imagined (and it was started by someone other than me) so the search isn't any use.

          In this instance I'm thinking about that one where we asked each other questions. That would be good as now there are more members. Where is it? But it often happens with other ones too.


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            Originally posted by admin View Post

            We plan to cut down on a lot of the non-ripper stuff, and eliminate the Dids fluff altogether
            Oh no, not that!


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              Dear WFX:

              Regarding your inquiry:

              At your leisure,dear lady, please start one up OVER again. There's no need for you to search through the 4 zillion threads. Just start another one up.

              Dear Admiral ( I hope it ain't Rear !!) Nelson:

              May cats go the way of the DoDo and $ 2.00 a gallon gasoline. Also I am going to rig all contests so that I win 'em all ( I could if I wanted to, but I don't want to show off...seriously...I mean fooling...)and that will eliminate a lotta efforts made by our talented cadre on the soon to be impossible to win unless your name is How contests and more on Ripper related information.

              Anyone with ideas on contributing to the site is always welcome to do so.

              I'd like to see whether someone would care to have their own op-ed section...or things of that nature.
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                "and that will eliminate a lotta efforts made by our talented cadre on the soon to be impossible to win unless your name is How contests"

                Go on, then. Do your worst.

                Sorry, you already have.


                How Linford


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                  Glad I caught you ...

                  Thanks for starting that New Zealand newspaper thread. Of course, we accept your generous and volunteering gesture to expand that thread, without pay, but with a lot of thisand a lot of thanks.
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                    Hm! Why are you being nice to me?

                    If I see anything else, How, I'll post it.


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                      Thanks Robert !

                      Okay,now that you're committed to that,I can go back to being a schnook to you.
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                        I guess I could disappear for another 6 months. That might eliminate a bit of the clutter.


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                          The state of the Forums

                          Dear Lars;

                          Sometimes, after a while, Ripper stuff becomes rather circular. So, some of us get a bit sidetracked inbetween the likes of A.P. or others putting something up, that makes us look at a thread sensibly for a moment. The wonderful thing I've noticed in eleven years of Jack The Ripper online, though, is, that most have a sense of humour when things become circular. Yes, even SPE has one. I seem to remember that you had one too.

                          But, never fear, Dave Yost is now posting here. All the serious JTR talk one ever desired.

                          I personally love the light-hearted Forums. But, then, who am I?

                          Debbie, How is no match for Carmine, and you know it.


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                            Make your voice heard!



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                              I think many old Ripperites would agree that sometimes lightening up didn't do anyone any harm.

                              Lyn Resthal.