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  • 5 Q With : Wicker Man

    Many thanks to Wicker Man for stepping up to the plate
    Glad that you also decided to come back in from that civilian wilderness J.S.

    1. What have been the biggest changes ( or change ) in how you percieve the Case since the time you first got interested and up to now ?

    My first Ripper book was Donald McCormick's, The Identity of Jack the Ripper, I bought sometime around 1970. Being a highly impressionable teenager I accepted McCormick's story hook, line & sinker (much to my embarrassment to admit).
    The idea of researching the Ripper for myself never occurred to me at that age. It wasn't until 1988 when I first found Spry's Casebook and I met up with like-minded people who had an interest in the facts of the case, thats when my outlook totally changed to one of research.
    I ordered a facimilie copy of the Eddowes Inquest papers, thats where I began.

    2. What was the last Ripper related work you recall reading ? If you care to elaborate, please do.

    While I have been on hiatus I read nothing Ripper related, I might still buy something but I will not read it. I put it away for later.
    I think it does your mind good to clear out all the concepts & arguments so when you return you can almost put a fresh mind to the details, in some cases you see things you didn't see before.
    When I return from hiatus (like now) I constantly re-read the Press Reports. I always keep an eye out for new Ripper books, but I don't buy just anything. The last new Ripper book I remember buying/reading was JtR, Scotland Yard Investigates. So thats going back a few years.

    3. What is your opinion regarding the efforts of the police departments to apprehend the murderer ?

    I am a firm supporter of the police investigation, I don't criticize them, in fact I will adamantly defend the police. They were not the fools the contemporary press would have us believe.
    Officials like Warren and Anderson, etc. well, thats another story.

    4. Which threads on the Forums, since you have returned to the boards, have been the most interesting to you ?

    Threads which discuss medical details, witness testimony, newspaper accounts, I have a narrow field of interest.

    5. Is there one area or event within the Case that you vacillate on...such as, for example, whether the graffiti was left by the killer, Kelly was a true Ripper victim, the skein began the murder of so and so, and so forth ?

    Yes, any issue which has a bearing on Signature, something which helps us identify the number of murders committed by the same hand. Which helps when debating the individual murders and whether there is reasonable cause to exclude Tabram, Stride & Kelly.