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5 Questions With Phillip Walton

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  • 5 Questions With Phillip Walton

    Many thanks to Phillip for pitching in on the 5Q Forum !

    1. How likely is it that the Whitechapel Murderer lived in a common lodging house ?

    Possible, but not very likely. The descriptions given by witnesses suggest someone a little further up the social scale.

    2. Are there any suspects you believe more likely than Druitt and Kozminski to have been the killer ?

    I personally no longer consider Druitt a possible suspect. Kozminski however is very near the top of the list.

    3. Would you say that the Whitechapel Murder case became the Whitechapel Murder Case with the murder of Annie Chapman or before that ? After, perhaps ?

    Mary Ann Nichols I consider to be the first confirmed victim, Martha Tabram may also have been a victim.

    4. Which area of Whitechapel Murders study do you find the most interesting ?

    Most aspects of the case, but in particular the history of the victims/suspects both before and after the event. Also the places where the murders occurred and their previous/subsequent histories.

    5. Any books you would recommend for newcomers to the serious study of the Case ?

    Thats quite a hard one as I avidly read all I can on the Ripper and other crimes. There are some however that I would tell people to avoid! (such as one by a certain authoress).
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