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5 Q With : Iselio De Lisi

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  • Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
    Great answer to No. 2 Iselio - shocked me too - lol

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  • Howard Brown
    Izzy :
    If you want me to translate any answer you have from Italian to English, let me know...I'll do it.

    Tom...actually, we don't know how many people think Kidney was the killer.
    A.P. Wolf does.

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  • Tom_Wescott
    Originally posted by Iselio De lisi
    I can only answer for the murder of Elizabeth Stride. I am not alone in thinking that the murderer was the jealous Michael Kidney.
    Yes you are.

    Yours truly,

    Tom Wescott

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  • Monty
    Hmmmm re No2,

    How many murders occurred pre 88?


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  • Lynn Cates

    Hello Howard, Iselio.

    Thanks for these ideas Howard, and thanks to Iselio for answering them.

    Obviously, when I read #2, I almost dropped my teeth (OK, to be honest, gums) on the table.



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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic 5 Q With : Iselio De Lisi

    5 Q With : Iselio De Lisi

    Many thanks to Izzy for responding to the call of the volpe ( "Wolf" in Italian ) !!

    1. How long have you been interested in the London murders ?
    2. Do you believe the crimes were actually solved and that the police did not want to make a big thing out of it by never telling the public it was solved ?
    3. What is your favorite part of the study of these murders ?
    4. If you were in charge of the police in 1888, would you have done anything different ?
    5. Are there any suspects that you feel are interesting ?

    Now I go bilingual.........

    1. Da quanto tempo sei stato interessato negli omicidi di Londra?
    2. Credi che i crimini sono stati effettivamente risolti e che la polizia non ha voluto fare una grande cosa fuori di esso senza mai dire il pubblico è stato risolto?
    3. Qual è la tua parte preferita dello studio di questi omicidi?
    4. Se tu fossi a capo della polizia nel 1888, avrebbe fatto qualcosa di diverso?
    5. Ci sono sospetti che si sentono sono interessanti?

    and Iselio's reply :

    -I read something about the Whitechapel murders the first time, about 5 years ago.
    I arrived at the wikipedia link, thanks to the unpredictable mechanisms of the network.

    2 - I do not think there was a "Jack the Ripper", Whitechapel has always been the scene of brutal crimes. The newspapers of the time are full of murders. The invention of newspapers "Jack the Ripper", has certainly led to the creation of some emulators.
    No murder was solved. It seems clear that the authorities are concerned only because the population was revolting. But actually it is not the will to stop the phenomenon. I think they thought something like, "Let them kill each other." Symptomatic of this is Anderson, the newly appointed head of Scotland Yard, he goes on vacation in Switzerland for a month.

    3 - My interest is all about Elizabeth Stride.

    4 - Yes, economic rewards. Establishment of civil patrols headed by a police officer.

    5 - I can only answer for the murder of Elizabeth Stride. I am not alone in thinking that the murderer was the jealous Michael Kidney.