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5 Questions With : Jon L. Rees -- Dec. 10, 2013

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    Originally posted by Chris G. View Post
    Yes but here we go again. With due respect, Jon, it appear sthat you concentrate too much on the Ripper case, albeit with recognition of the Zodiac case. The examples of the Green River killer (Gary Ridgeway) and the BTK killer (Dennis Rader), who both lay low for significant periods, would argue that a serial killer can for one reason or another stop killing for a long period.

    Hi Chris,

    I accept that fact.

    Out of curiosity, is it known why Ridgeway "slowed down"?

    "It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."


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      Just a quick comment here....
      Unless I'm very mistaken, there have been, recently...within the last 5 years.... two serial killers who were finally linked and charged to the murders they had committed years before....and obviously after they stopped.
      I believe one was in California...a black fellow...who strangled his victims...and the Alphabet Killer...and if not mistaken even further, they were murders with hands on violence, not by guns or poison.
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