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5 Questions With : Jon L. Rees -- Dec. 10, 2013

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  • admin tim
    Originally posted by How Come?
    Any chance of the Ripper killing abroad ?
    What are you on about, mate? He killed at least 5 of 'em.

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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic 5 Questions With : Jon L. Rees -- Dec. 10, 2013

    5 Questions With : Jon L. Rees -- Dec. 10, 2013

    Facing the prospect of being fired from his high paying position as Forums Moderator, Jon cheerfully responded to the call of the 5Q....
    Thanks JR !


    1. What speech or presentation at the recent convention ( I'm sure they were all excellent...) would you care to briefly touch on ?

    I think it would be unfair to single out any one presentation so I’ll mention a few that stood out. Neil Storey’s after dinner talk was no doubt the most entertaining of the weekend - hearing him describe Whitechapel After Dark with his engaging speaking style and presentation skills really helped invoke the atmosphere. Melanie Clegg did a great job Saturday morning talking about Mary Kelly and setting the scene for the day. Philip Hutchinson was the absolute professional, doing his talk in the pouring rain and hardly being heard. And finally Sir Christopher Fralying’s memories of producing the Shadow of the Ripper documentary gave an interesting insight into the centenary interest in the crimes.

    2. What trend(s) do you see in the field occuring that are positive signs to you ?

    Well I’ve already mentioned in a few threads my belief that we are now expecting higher standards out of suspect books and debunking in journals those that do not live up to this. The Facebook Ripper communities are really growing in popularity and are helping those with a casual interest learn more about the crimes. Finally the conferences are going from strength to strength and each one is trying to be new and different and keep interest in the case and these events.

    3. Based on your own presentation at the 2013 Convention, are there any witnesses who testified during the Inquest hearings back in 1888 that you feel we should be wary of in late 2013 ?

    I think we should be wary of all eyewitness testimony. Not necessarily discount it, but proceed with caution. Psychological research has consistently shown that eyewitnesses can be extremely unreliable and human memory can be malleable and permanently altered. I hope that my little demonstration at the conference just hoped to show in a practical way.

    4. At this point in need to fear you contradicting yourself in any previous response to this many victims do you feel were killed by the same man in 1888-1891 ?

    Five or six, depends what mood you catch me in. I’m personally convinced that Martha Tabram was Jack’s first victim and was an early, more sloppy killing.

    Followed by Nichols and Chapman. Stride leaves some doubt in my mind - my opinion on her differs frequently with some thoughts or perspective changing it. For the last few months she’s been a no. Then Eddowes and finally Kelly.

    Not convinced by any of the later ones currently.

    5. Any chance of the Ripper killing abroad ?

    Never say never, but we’ll never know.

    6. If the Whitechapel Murders had occurred in America....would they hold the same interest to you as they do now ?
    P.S. Personally, if they happened in Philadelphia, I might have the same interest that I do now...but no where else in America.-HB

    I honestly don’t know. I have some knowledge on American Serial Killers, but nowhere near that of British ones and certainly nowhere near the knowledge of the Ripper. So I suppose it’s probably a no.

    7. Give us the name of a suspect you feel we, as a community, undervalue…..

    Sir John Williams. That Jenni Shelden is part of a conspiracy to keep the truth from us.

    Seriously though - while I do read suspect books from time to time my interest is now mostly in the type of person the Ripper was, rather than who he actually was.