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5Q With : Curryong January 18, 2015

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  • 5Q With : Curryong January 18, 2015

    Thanks Curryong !!

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    1. What brought you to this point in your passion for the Whitechapel Murders ? A book ? Film ?

    2. Please list three Ripper works which you would not want to have not read....

    3. Any suggestions on research you'd like to see conducted, but may not be able to contribute to yourself ?

    4. Not all researchers or interested parties in the field have access to sources that others do. What area are you interested in but can't access ?

    5. Which suspect is the most interesting to you at this point in time, subject to change ?
    Same goes for victim....subject to change.
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    Thanks Howard.
    1 A trip with an older relative to ripper sites in the 1960's before many were altered for ever. I was a very young teenager.

    2 I would have hated not to have read Cullen's 'Autumn of Terror' years ago. That encouraged the interest in the Ripper at the time and since.

    Also Sugden's The Complete History of Jack the Ripper. I was blown away by the readability of it and the scholarship.

    I have to say Begg, Fido and Skinner's The Complete Jack the Ripper. I would be lost without it.

    Lots of others I'd like to include but those three are tops for me.

    3 No, because there are researchers working all the time on this site and on Casebook bringing forth fantastic background details and census info etc.

    4 No areas, though I wouldn't mind sourcing the file at the Home Office to see what's hidden away! What I do miss, living in Australia is not being able to access any public seminars/conferences/ meetings in Whitechapel and elsewhere which I'd love to attend. I do go to England every few years but it's never coincided with any of the above!

    5 I have to honestly say that none of the suspects grab me whole heartedly and never have. I truly believe that JTR was local, a slaughterman or butcher who was probably questioned by the police, but who never caused enough suspicion, a nondescript ordinary little man, who just slipped through the cracks. Something happened to him in 1889 and he stopped killing.

    I would like, along with most, for something to turn up to determine Mary Jane Kelly's true identity. The other victims' lives are quite well chronicled, hers is a blank sheet.
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