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5Q With : Alan Bartlome January 23, 2015

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  • 5Q With : Alan Bartlome January 23, 2015

    Many thanks to Alan for pitching in !!!!

    1. What's your opinion of the latest few solutions to the Case ? Referring to the DNA/Shawl story...and the Charles Lechmere-as-Ripper theory ?

    Cross – I would actually really like to believe the Cross theory. Personally, I believe this is a much more likely scenario for Jack. Much like most modern serial killers I believe him to be an unobtrusive nobody as compared to an “insane” medical student, or a known criminal. Unfortunatly for this theory, there are too many “possibly could haves”. Hopefully in the future Ed, Christer or someone else can uncover some more likely evidence.
    Shawl - I don’t buy it. I see no reason to believe that a Met officer was involved in a scene being run by the City Police, and I don’t see any possible way he would end up with that kind of evidence if he was there. There is no mention of the shawl in any of the available reports. I don’t understand the mDNA stuff well enough to have an opinion as to its validity, but I can’t accept several generations of a family keeping a bloody shawl for that long..

    2. Does the DNA/Shawl story adversely affect the Kozminski-as-Ripper foundation ?[/I]

    I don’t think it will sway the minds of any serious researcher. It will probably disappoint a few people who only paid attention to the case due to the media storm regarding the shawl.

    3. Opinion regarding The Bank Holiday Murders ?
    I really enjoyed TBHM. I’ve read it about 3 times now. I think Tom brings up some very interesting arguments and the book has certainly livened up the message boards. I like to see a fresh look at the evidence from a viewpoint other then the routinely accepted. That being said, there are a lot of speculations presented as fact. Maybe that’s because I’m only seeing the end product and not the study that went into it.

    4. Any trends on the boards that you've been interested in lately ?
    A few… Having recently reread TBHM by Tom Wescott I have been following the “Pearly Polls whereabouts” thread. Also, I haven’t spent a lot of time going over the MJK murder (aside from reading about it in the common books – The Ultimate, Scotland Yard Investigates, etc.) and I have enjoyed the recent threads about her last meal as well as the thread about the missing heart.

    5. What areas of research would you like to see more effort put into.
    Barring some discovery of previous documents in some attic or storage bin, I believe the best we can hope for is small discoveries in the various records from the late 1800s. An example is the recent discovery of possible hospital records for Mary Ann Connelly found by Debra Arif.

    6. What's your opinion of Ripperologist Magazine over the last year...selecting at least one article or column which was of special interest.....
    I think the best thing about the Ripperologist during the last year is the fact that it is now free. I believe it will benefit the amateur investigator like myself. I really enjoyed “The face of Liz Stride” by Daniel Olsson, as well as a “Reinterpreting ‘Lipski’” by Mick Reed. I think the Ripperologist is an invaluable resource.

    7. He's been gone for almost a year...give us your view on what Chris Scott meant to the field.
    I never knew Chris, or to my knowledge interacted with him on any of the message boards. I really enjoy the reprints of his articles in Ripperologist. I have not yet read “Will the real Mary Kelly…” but it is on my list of books to read when I get time.
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    Alan's response, and the ones that recently came before with the same questions, give a good cross section of recent opinions of the membership - an astute group overall, nonetheless.

    And it indicates - for the most part - a good solid membership on the whole.

    Who needs people like Edwards and Cornwell if you really want to actually learn something anyway?

    Stay the course.
    Best Wishes,
    Cris Malone
    "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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      I second that, Cris....Alan's responses ( to me) were very level headed.
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        Hello Cris.

        "Who needs people like Edwards and Cornwell if you really want to actually learn something anyway?"

        Hear, hear.