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5 Questions for Chris Phillips

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  • 5 Questions for Chris Phillips

    It was decided to pick Chris Phillips' brain and see whats what inside....He graciously consented as follows...

    1. Which suspect or suspects have been the most interesting for you in the last few years?

    Kozminski and Druitt. Not because I think either of them - or any of the named suspects - is particularly likely to have committed the murders, but because of the puzzles concerning why they were suspected in the first place.

    2. Would you recommend to new students of the Case to become more involved with genealogy for their research with the proliferation of genealogical sources? Are there better sources than others in your opinion?

    I don't think there's much point studying the genealogy of suspects for its own sake, but there are obviously specific questions that can be answered by genealogical research (e.g. "Did Kozminski really have a brother living in Whitechapel?"). And there is always the interesting possibility of tracing descendants, who may have some interesting family traditions (though these are always to be treated with caution). More relevant are the general kinds of records used by genealogists, which contain a lot of information besides genealogy, and which are becoming more easily available because of the popularity of genealogy. The censuses are an obvious example, and there are others - such as the electoral registers - which haven't been as widely used.

    3. New photographs appear to be surfacing more regularly than ever you see this as a sign of better things to come in the field?

    Obviously these are interesting to look at, and I suppose they could even be potentially useful in recording a suspect's appearance. Otherwise, I tend to think of them as less of a "Holy Grail" than some seem to consider them.

    4. Any specific aspect of the Case appeal to you more than the others?

    I suppose the appeal to me is really in studying suspects and in trying to find out more about them, even though it's practically certain that no direct evidence of the identity of the killer has survived.

    5. You can tell us the truth...was it you that came up with Baphomet or not? We won’t tell.

    It wasn't me. In fact I've never really understood what it is!

    Many thanks to Chris for his replies !