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  • 5 Questions With MAGPIE

    1. Has you opinion of the Maybrick affair changed at all over the last few years...and why?

    My basic opinion hasn't changed since day one--the Diary wasn't written by the Ripper, so it's importance to the case is peripheral at best. The biggest change is that I went from believing it could be an old fake, to accepting that it had been proven to be a modern fake, and now realizing that the evidence for a modern fake isn't as incontrovertible as it once appeared, and the opposition to even the mention of "old forgery" has become more dogmatic than anything.

    Ultimately even an old forgery would add little to the Ripper case, although I think it could have an impact on perceptions of the Maybrick case...

    2. Any plans on writing another article in the near future?

    Writing-wise I'm back to working on my children's poetry book, but I have the foundations for two articles percolating in the background. One about optograms and their (non)-use in the Ripper case--and no, Dan, I'm not suggesting that Kelly's eyes were ever photographed for this purpose. The second is looking at the possibility that Maybrick was actually killed by the treatment performed by his doctor (don't know what I'll do with it, since it's not really Ripper-related, but I figure I've done a fair chunk of research so I may as well do something useful with it).

    Of course now that KT is claiming that Mary Kelly is actually buried in the cemetary where I regular go to have lunch, some further investigation of widow Claxton seems inevitable

    3. What area of the Case would you like to see JTRForums discuss more or perhaps less?

    I think the format of jtrforums works very nicely. Topics arise in a very casual, organic way, and everyone brings their own thing to each one. I especially like that it is a place where concepts can be explored in a more speculative way without necessarily getting caught up in minutae. The combination of jtrforums and casebook is just about perfect

    4. Toronto appears to have an ample amount of Ripperologists,unlike least in message board participation. Ever consider rounding up all these folks for monthly or bi-monthly meetings like they do in London?

    Well, I know there used to be such a group in Toronto--they made the news around the centenary by proposed McCarthy as the Ripper. Toronto's about 2 1/2 hours from me and I work shift, so organizing something would be hard for me (plus I'm a disorganized sod at the best of times). There was a rumour of a discussion group starting up locally, and if it did I'd certainly check it out, but I don't necessarily play well with others.

    5. What was the latest book that you have read on the Case and your impressions of it.

    Hmm...that's tougher than it sounds. I recently picked up Richard Jones book and the Best of Ripperology, and I've been enjoying them immensely. Neither are the kind of book I would read from beginning to end, but I've been dipping into them on a regular basis. I'm embarassed to say that the most Ripper book I've read from cover to cover were Patty Cornwell's updated edition of Portrait of a Killer, and rereading Harrison's book about Barnett, which I read a few weeks ago. I'm currently rereading Tully's book, and I started Wilding's book last week, but haven't gotten far yet--but I'm on the night shift next week, so I'll likely power through it then.

    Thanks dude.

    No, thank you, How!