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5 Questions with Suzi Hanney

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  • 5 Questions with Suzi Hanney

    1. What part of the bi-annual Conventions do you enjoy the most,aside from the speeches and research?

    2. Which individual from within the Whitechapel Murders Case on the whole intrigues you the most at this time?

    3. Any specific area of the Case intrigue you more than the others?

    4. Last book read and impression of it...please.

    5. Your current view as to the type of killer that Jack The Ripper may have been...


    Hi Howie-

    1. I enjoy the ability in myself to stay up until 4 in the morning with serious friends..not that either oif us can remember it!
    2.Intrigues me?? Hmmmmmmmm probably Hutchinson and the 3 day gap!
    3.Hmmmmmm Intrigue- WHY did Mc Carthy wait so long to 'collect' the rent and was there a 'relationship' with Mary
    4.Night of the Ripper- Robert Bloch
    Read it loads of times and a seriously good romp....who's NOT in it concerns me more!!!!
    5. A Local man who probably joined the crowds around the murder scenes.someone everyone one would have said hello to and not even noticed!
    An everyday man with an everyday job someone who went about his work without being noticed!