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  • 5 Questions With WRITEFX

    1. Which area of the Case are you most interested in ? Suspect...aspect...evidentiary..or perhaps the speculations that arise on message boards?
    1. London - history - locations - social history - churches - public houses

    2. Reading books about the case as well as the wider picture e.g. the author Gilda O'Neill who has autobiographies growing up in Whitechapel, hisorical saga novels set around the case and non-fiction books about crime in Victorian London. I also like reading books written by members of the police force.

    3. Characters/psychology of the people involved, possible motives. Also what are the motives behind the writing of the books about the case? Is a writer wanting to become 'the one' to solve the case so will find a story to fit the circumstances or are they genuine with their interest and approach.

    4. Members of message boards find out unusual facts via online archived documents, newspapers and so allow us to indulge in new armchair investigations.

    For example a letter written by a teenage lad to his father via The Times Letters page denouncing him as a father because of his deranged behaviour and accusing him of the Whitechapel murders.

    Or a newspaper account of a man had been seen with blood on him at Mitre Square, possibly after the Miller's Court murder.

    On the internet I like looking at nostalgic photos, artwork, things to make relating to the Era, maps and essays.

    On this forums I enjoy the camaraderie, thinking up odd directions for the writing thread and of course I can't forget the caption contests!

    2. Are there any individuals in the pantheon of suspects that are more interesting than the others ?

    Well you do have to wonder about some of them. What sort of person would take body part specimens to dinner parties?

    If the murders happened now would the popstar Marilyn Manson be arrested? (he made a chandelier from the skeleton of a 4 yrs old Chinese girl)

    What interests me the most about the suspects is why they were considered in the first place. What was the basis - factual evidence, witnesses, instinct, jealousy, gossip? Does any of that suspicion still hold water?

    So I read not only about the main suspects and the more famous ones e.g. ACD and Lewis Carroll but also the less known for example a famous archaeologist and military man, Colonel Claude Reignier Conder who had a book published in 1889 and so ruled out as a suspect as he 'should' have been doing research the year before. Who was the first person to consider him and why?


    3. Since we all change our minds in one way or the other in studying the your current perception of what type of man ( or possibly men...) the Ripper was any different now then say,5 years ago? Why?

    I think that because I use the internet so much these days, I can see how easy it is to research facts which could have been hard to find before, therefore I feel that some important data could have been missed in the past. (not Baphomet of course!!)

    Also there are ways to pool information from all over the globe. So now that I've had a chance to read other people's viewpoints more consistently I'm looking at the suspects from different perspectives than if I was just considering them alone.

    You can also use the internet to conjure up a theory no matter how unlikely, something that I did in the link below and posted here some time back. I have a feeling that if I worked long enough I could find a suspect to fit.

    I tried something similar -


    4. Some people have strong feelings that the Ripper was not one man but two....Where do you stand on this concept? Why?

    In the past I have considered the possibilities -

    a - man and woman together
    b - male culprit alone on woman's orders
    c - male culprit alone on subtle suggestions/hints to impressionable man
    d - father and son
    e - jealous female, there were hints of a lesbian lover for MK
    f - 2 males, one the killer, one the mutilator
    g - strong female e.g. Mary Pearcey

    I've seen some of the modern psychological profiles and thought b and c were possible.
    One of the letters sent to Dr Openshaw (and one that it is thought by some most likely to come from the killer) has been analysed by Professor Ian Findlay, a Scot based in Brisbane, Australia and through his tests it is considered that the evidence is likely to belong to a woman.

    JTR and a copycat question. Possible, if we bring to mind the many suspects that a number of policemen or other officials were certain that they knew the identity of the killer (but were all different suspects).

    Also the similar(ish) murders in England and abroad around that time.

    5. Other than the section of apron found in the Wentworth there any other possible article of evidence that you personally feel is discarded and overlooked? Again....why?

    I don't know about overlooked as such but I often think about the items found near Annie Chapman by Doctor Phillips who said that he felt they had been arranged at her feet for a reason. Many people argue that there was no mystery at all. But what if there was?

    Although I mention a few items, the focus is on the reasons they were left.

    1. Where did the envelope come from? Was it the one that Annie used to store some pills and was found in the lodging house?

    If it did come from the lodging house, who did it belong to?

    Did JTR use Annie's envelope or did he swop it for one of his own?

    Is there any significance in the letters/number on it? Some believe it is JTR's address. What else could it be?

    2. Types of suspects. Witnesses mention foreign men. So if they are not English, what would the placement of the objects mean to them?

    Did anyone explore their religions, myths, folkelore, literature, jokes, nursery rhymes of the country where they were bought up? What about those believers that bury bodies with their possessions round them.

    3. According to some JTR could be someone that hated women and thought them detestable, so why soil your hands/gloves handling the objects?

    4. Was there time for the murderer to disappear and anyone else to place the objects?

    5. Torn pocket - was this as a result of the attack or done on purpose? Again could there be an unusual reason such as part of JTR's cultural experiences like in No. 2 above?

    6. After such a brutal murder, why didn't the items get stamped on or crushed?

    To sum up, I am mainly concerned about the cultural backgrounds of the suspects in regards to Annie Chapman's sad demise.
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