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  • 5 Questions With PAUL BEGG

    As promised,as delivered.

    The first of today's 5 Questions starts off with someone in need of no introduction, Mr. Begg.


    1. If you had to narrow the field down to three suspects...without giving any reason why,since that would require writing a book...which 3 would you wish be given more attention in the future by modern Ripperologists?

    2. Could you give a ballpark estimate as to the release of the revised "A to Z" ? Mine is in a hundred pieces and I need a new one.

    3. I would have had second thoughts about quitting school in the 6th grade had they taught the WM in school when I went. Do you think they should have a course for the WM in British schools ( universities ) to familiarize British youth about this important aspect of their ( and the world's ) history?

    4. Whats your favorite feature ( besides my posts ) on the site?

    5. If Ripperologists didn't have the Maybrick Diary,story,and saga to argue about....what other aspect or tangible in the Case would be the bone of contention in its stead? The Macnaghten 5 ? The Lewis/Maxwell testimonies ? The Double Event?

    1. That's really tough as I have reasons for wanting various suspects investigated, but I suppose I still think Druitt and Kosminski are at the top of the suspect totem pole. Either one of the other was Jack the Ripper or we could eliminate them. As for the third, it would be nice to know why Ostrog got on Macnaghten's list.

    2. April 2008 from Sutton..

    3. Jack the Ripper is already part of the National Curriculum in schools in the UK and, I believe in schools in the US, and I only recently gave a talk to some students in Yorkshire. It was a great experience, the kids were interested and they came up with some great thoughts.

    4. Well, of course my favourite feature are your posts, so having to exclude that has me stymied a bit. It would be far easier to say what I don’t like, but I guess that what I like most is the effort you all go to to encourage disciplined and polite discussion.

    5. That’s anybody’s guess. I’m sure there would be something to raise the hackles from time to time, but the diary is unique, I think, in having attracted a few obsessives who largely keep discussion alive.
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    Yes, my niece has just done her JTR history, and she enjoyed it.

    Good to hear that the A - Z will be out soon.



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      Good post

      As always, Pauls answers are succint and to the point. I'm glad to hear the news of when the new A to Z will be out. I too, need a new copy.