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5 Questions With Jason Ellis

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  • 5 Questions With Jason Ellis

    The Questions:

    1. What was it that first attracted to you to Ripperology? Was it via the cinema or books?

    2. What area holds the least interest for you in the field? Suspect based or speculation ? Evidentiary or aspect based Ripperology?

    3. What was the last Ripper book or film you read or saw....and give us the lowdown of how it impressed you.

    4. Individual you would most like to put under a Met or City policeman.

    5. Despite the fact that several police officials from 1888 believing in the provenance of the Goulston Street Graffiti...two former policemen, Rumbelow and Evans,and Ripperologists do not. How about you?

    The Answers:
    1. I got into Ripperology when my girlfriend told me I had the social skills of a serial killer. I told her serial killers actually have pretty good social skills. To prove that I started to look up serial killers on the net. I showed her how chattily witty our pal Jack the Ripper really was. I pointed out his fun curly letter-tops, his feints at ambidexterity, his cheerful japes to his mates on the police force... Of course, she disputed that scrawly letters to cops were evidence of social skills, and even that Jack wrote them, but I intend to prove the case one way or another. I think it's fair to say I'm winning the argument.

    2. Suspect based Ripperology holds least interest because the suspects don't fit the bill. Some of the witnesses make better suspects. In fact, some of the victims make better suspects.

    3. My girlfriend got Patricia Cornwell's book to review, and I happened to pick it up off her bedside table and have a read, and I can tell you now, while Sickert seems to put the fear into that Cornwell woman, I just think he was probably an ordinary bloke with a bit of an oversized arty ego (a bit like me). It strikes me Patricia Cornwell is the type of person (I was going to say 'woman') whom a guy would have to be very careful how he talked to at a party. No hand up on the door jamb. Keep the three-foot rule. No sudden moves.

    4. I'm not allowed to say whom I'd like to put under surveillance, as a certain person (I believe you can understand me) already has me under surveillance... Well, if we're asking this historically, I'd say the witty, pseudo-Hungarian Thespian-slaughterman-tailor Israel Schwartz.

    5. I totally believe in the GSG. I just don't know how to interpret it. I love believing in things I can't interpret, like hieroglyphics. I totally believe in hieroglyphics. And in runes. I can't make head nor tail of them, therefore they're amazing. The sheer rabbit-duck uninterpretability of the GSG makes it a stunner. What I want to know is how anybody could argue against it?
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    What I want to know is how anybody could argue against it?