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5 Questions With : PAUL BUTLER

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  • 5 Questions With : PAUL BUTLER

    A late 'thank you' to Mr. Butler ( sorry about not responding to your previous email at that time...)


    The Questions:

    1. Do you think Jack The Ripper is among the existing coterie of "suspects" ?

    2. Which suspect would you like to interrogate ( in the role of a policeman ) from the collection of individuals under consideration?

    3. What area of the Case holds the most interest for you? Suspect...aspect...evidentiary & newspaper...or speculation such as exists on the message boards ?

    4. How long have you been interested in the WM....and what was it that first interested you?

    5. Whats the last Ripper related book or magazine that you read?

    The Answers:

    1. No I don’t. Even the likeliest of the named suspects have at least one major stumbling block that works against them being Jack. Either being out of the country, in custody or in hospital at the critical times. My favoured suspect is an unknown and hitherto unnamed Whitechapel resident who may or may not have been a police suspect back in 1888.

    2. I would dearly like to interview James Maybrick. Not because I think he was Jack, but because the provenance of the diary is still of the greatest interest to me. I should love to be able to find out his exact movements between the autumn of 1888 and the late spring of 1889, details of his various mistresses, and see for myself what years of drug abuse had done to him both physically and mentally. I’d hopefully then be able to nail the diary once and for all.

    3. I find the topics that interest me the most are the evidentiary ones. Having followed the diary almost from the start, I now find my greatest interest lies in the JTR letters, particularly the topical “Pretty necklace” controversy, the Goulston Street chalkings and the apron piece, etc.etc.

    4. I first became aware of Jack as a small child in the 60s. I was at primary school and a friend had been allowed to read a Ripper book, probably McCormick. I’ll never forget the disgust I felt when he gleefully told us at playtime what Jack actually did! A lot later, the Michael Caine series rekindled the interest, and then the diary news broke and I was hooked. I probably wouldn’t have ever become seriously interested in Jack, and read up on the case as a whole if it hadn’t been for Sir Jim.

    5. The recent “Pretty necklace”, discussion prompted me to read Evans and Skinners “Letters from Hell” over again. What a damn good book. You get something new from it each time you read it through
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