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5 Questions With : ROBERT LINFORD

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  • 5 Questions With : ROBERT LINFORD

    Questions provided to our own "Dear Boss" and his answers...

    Thanks Chazz !


    1. Whats the most frustrating aspect that a researcher faces...a nuts and bolts sort of Ripperologist such as their work?

    2. If you had one aspect of the Case that you would like to see Gavin Bromley work on...what one would it be?

    3. What do you consider the most beneficial find you have ever made...not necessarily most satisfying...but beneficial to the community?

    4. How is the work progressing with A.P. Wolf on your mutual project?

    5. What feature would you like to see more of on this site ? Me ? I ain't a big fan of the captions...not because I always lose,it ain't that...but what feature could improve site participation,old bean?

    The Answers....

    1. I suppose one of the most frustrating things is the paucity of sources. For instance, Press coverage of Supt Cutbush's suicide was very scant. Likewise Druitt's suicide. And even when there are records, they're very often in some way ambiguous or contadictory. Contrary to what many people think, educated Victorians did not always express themselves with perfect clarity and logic.

    2. Diffucult one, How. Whatever it is, Gavin will do it in his usual superb style. Maybe something on Nichols?

    3. I found the OFF button on my computer. That must have benefited the community quite a bit.

    I don't think I've found much, and what I have found might not appeal to the whole community e.g. something about Cutbush might only appeal to those interested in Cutbush.

    I suppose the Coroner articles were the most "general" thing, only perhaps "found" is the wrong word. Also, of course, it was a group thing with Dave and John, which I enjoyed doing.

    It would be easier for me to do a list of people I've found who've helped me, but I have to consider your bandwidth, How.

    4. It isn't. But don't worry, it will, unless I conk out through lack of cake - in which case AP will have to do it on his own. But I've got it quite high up on my list of things I'm going to bloody well do before I die.

    5. I don't know whether or not it would increase participation, but one thing that would be nice if possible (both here and on Casebook) would be a really good search engine, to make it easier to go back to info that was posted more than a few days ago. I realise it wouldn't work with untranscribed newspaper report images, but it would still help enormously.
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