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5 Questions With: NINA BROWN

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  • 5 Questions With: NINA BROWN

    1. Do contemporary newspapers intrigue you more than books or Ripper theory ( i.e., suspect based or aspect related ) do?

    I spend a great deal of time on them simply because there are more of them to read. I wouldn't say that they intrigue me more.

    2. Tell us about the most enjoyable Ripper related research you have been part of or done on your own...briefly.

    It would have to be our search in Salem for Carrie Brown's grave. Did you forget who you were asking to be brief?

    3.What do you think...if you ever did consider it...about the possibility that the Thames Torso Killer and the Whitechapel Murderer being one and the same ?

    I doubt it. The Torso Killer disposed of the bodies in sections and in areas other than where they were killed whereas the Whitechapel Murderer left the bodies basically intact where they were killed.

    4. What are we having for supper,since I could eat an armadillo's buttocks right about now?

    I was thinking of cooking up that kidney we were experimenting with.

    5. Which area,if any,in the you have very little,if any interest in?

    None, the whole case interests me.

    6. Do you think its possible that the Ripper simply stopped,in light of the fact that the BTK killer apparently did just that with almost the same number of victims as the Saucy One did ?

    It's possible, although I believe that BTK might have resumed his killing if he had not been captured.
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    Howard really!

    I'm so glad that How asked 6 questions instead of stopping at 5. The 6th answer is what I enjoyed most because I have always believed that the WM were seperate from the Torso killings!



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      Thanks Mike...

      Actually my favorite question was number 4 because the answer tasted so good.
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