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5 Questions With : TIM MOSLEY

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  • 5 Questions With : TIM MOSLEY

    1. What is your opinion of RDS now as a suspect or even as a suspect?

    Although my position has always been that JTR is an unknown person that no one has ever even come close to exposing, I had also, until recently, always considered RDS to be the strongest of the known Ripper suspects. This wasn't so much an endorsement of RDS as it was a commentary that the field of Ripper suspects was and is surprisingly weak. However, recent developments/discoveries by numerous of the members of this site have, in my opinion, essentially destroyed D'Onston's candidacy. Only a partisan Ripper author with a financial stake in his book on RDS could still consider him to be a viable suspect after all what to the contrary has been brought to light the last few years. Bottom line - I no longer consider RDS to be a suspect that can be taken seriously, and that says a lot.

    2. What is your favorite section of the site ?

    If I have to pick just ONE forum, I would have to say that it is the 'URL's of Interest', as I have poured a lot of effort into that forum, to locate ripper material and other noteworthy and interesting items on the www for our discriminating membership (and have learned a lot myself in the process). Hah - you thought I was going to say the Weekly Caption Contest forum, now didn't you?

    3. What event over the last three years has impressed you most about Ripper research in general?

    Gavin Bromley's work has impressed me tremendously - this is just what Ripperology needs, a scholarly, painstaking, methodical, and meticulous approach and examination of the known 'evidence' and attendant circumstances This is just great stuff, and long overdue in the field. Eat your heart out, Patricia Cornwell.

    Of course, I enjoy reading what others write for the ripper mags and post on the site as well. I am impressed by how truly cerebral these discussions have become and am proud to be associated with the individuals who can make such arguments.

    4. How much do these bastards pay you to make sure I come in last in the captioning contests? I will double it.

    You don't come in last all of the time, Howard, just quite frequently. Don't prevaricate. Besides, you've had your chance to tip the scales here but have always declined due to the cost of doing so.

    But no one pays me to make things turn out as they do; it is merely Darwinian NaturaL Selection at its finest, you know, like a hard winter affects a herd of deer - it serves only to improve the breed.

    5. Any special Forums in mind for 2008 that you intend to develop ?

    Oh, the wheels are always turning over here. I will probably clean up a good bit and combine some forums, as the site is getting unwieldy. Some areas need restructuring to help the information flow go more smoothly. I have numerous ideas on the back burner, among which are 'URL of the Week', wherein I will select one choice URL from those in the forum and initiate and encourage specific discussion on its contents, That is one flaw (of many) in my ministering there - I think I sometimes flood the site with so much information at once that people just skim over it without really getting involved with it to any extent. Some of these URLs are really worthwhile to examine and discuss and yet they have been sadly neglected, probably due to gross information overload on my part.
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