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Five Questions With : THOMAS SCHACHNER

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  • Five Questions With : THOMAS SCHACHNER

    Herr Schachner graciously pitched in with his 5 answers.

    As we say in Deutsch...Danke,Amigo !

    1. Are there any plans on your part in the future to republish other old Ripper texts ?

    2. Which witness in the whole of the Case do you place more value in, regarding their testimony ?

    3. Have German-speaking Ripperologists been following the great work by Gavin Bromley over the last year or so in Ripperologist Magazine ?

    4. What do you think of the possibility that Polly Nichols was NOT a Ripper victim, but perhaps the catalyst for the Ripper in the following 3 months?

    5. If you had a gun to your head and were forced to answer definitively....what reason would you give for the cessation of the Whitechapel Murders. Think carefully Tom....the thing is loaded.

    1. Yes. I unearthed an old German Jack The Ripper pamphlet (from 1889, but possibly from 1888) which not only makes it THE first Jack The Ripper book published in Deutschland but also will add to the list of the first ripper pamphlets ever published worldwide. I will reproduce the whole thing and publish it with the proper English translation.

    I don’t rely on witnesses in general, but if I have to drop names I would probably vote for…….hmmmmm…..certainly not for Hutchinson .-)

    3. Not that I know of – at least it wasn’t mentioned by anyone on our discussion boards.

    4.Nothing so far. I'd like to keep her on the list unless proven 100% otherwise, which might not happen in a loooooong time. but I vote stride out, although that wasn’t the question .-)))

    5. Yours truly was arrested for some minor offence and just didn’t have the guts to spit out the truth.
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