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5 Questions with TOM VOIGT

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  • 5 Questions with TOM VOIGT

    Mr. Tom Voigt,owner of the website

    has graciously consented to participate in the FORUMS 5 Questions for us.

    We thank Mr. Voigt and wish him more success in his endeavors with his site.

    1. Documentaries aside, invariably the standard "Jack The Ripper" film is either based on a 70 year old doctor being the perpetrator or a conspiracy involving the "haves" needlessly butchering "have not" women in the streets. Other specious concepts are likewise found within these films as well. Did you detect any such instance(s) within the recent film "Zodiac" ? If so, please elaborate.

    "Yes, the recent film 'Zodiac' was filled with misinformation. In fact, it was only about 25% accurate."

    2. Do files either exist and are inaccessible or perhaps, have some files, possibly crucial ones, been "appropriated" ?

    "Yes, in fact features hundreds of pages of the police reports with more surfacing every day."

    3. Every year, newcomers to the Whitechapel Murder case arrive at the message boards at either The Forums or Casebook. Most come by way of a new theory or suspect or even new information pertinent to other areas of the Case. Did this occur with with the production of the recent film ? Has your site grown exponentially from the release of the film ?

    "Because the star of the film, Jake Gyllenhaal, is such a big teen heartthrob, the Zodiac case has since been swarmed by teenage girls who want to catch the bad guy. Hits have increased dramatically too, with March 2007 (the month the movie was released) being my all-time record with 37 million hits."

    4. What was the first book you read regarding the Whitechapel Murders ? What impressions were you left with?

    "The first Ripper book I read was by an author named Berg I believe. (I can't find the book right now, so perhaps I have the name wrong.) I feel the Ripper was a local and probably died or went to the hatch shortly after the Mary Kelly murder."

    5. Are you familiar with the gist of Robert Graysmith's work on the Ripper Case?

    "Unfortunately yes."

    6. Bonus Questions: About how much time per week do you devote to your site and/or the Zodiac Case?

    "At least 40 per week, but often significantly more."

    and the obvious one: If not Arthur Leigh Allen...then who,sir ?

    "If not Allen, probably an unsub."
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    Wow these are excellent Q and A's guys.

    Been a big movie buff it doesn't suprise me that the latest endevour to release a "True" serial killer movie was flawed by its errors, omissions and fictional scenes.

    Its what Hollywood does, takes a reasonable premise and drags it through the "Artistic Licence" machine to gain Oscars and Golden Globes and not further the real cause of solving the crime.

    I am glad the site is getting so many hits though, it may be a good time to release a ripper film with Di-caprio as the ripper

    I shall visit the site later today.



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      As Mike said, execellent Q and A. Tom's an excellent person when it comes to all things Zodiac and it's nice to see that he's also read a little on Jtr.

      They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. - Edgar Allan Poe


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        Thanks guys...I'm glad you enjoyed the Q & A.
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          Mr. Voigt,

          What about Lawrence Kane?


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            Originally posted by Stan Russo View Post
            Mr. Voigt,

            What about Lawrence Kane?
            Unfortunately, most of the compelling information regarding Kane is false.