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5 Questions With JIMMY ( John Bennett)

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  • 5 Questions With JIMMY ( John Bennett)

    We thank Jimmy ( who has a book nearly ready for release...which we hope he will start a thread in relation to...hint,hint,big guy ! ) for his contribution to the 5 Q Forum.

    1. What particular photo within the whole of your your upcoming book stands out, if any, and why?

    That's tricky, as the photographs haven't been finalised yet. It's quite possibly one of the gloomy railway arch in Pedley Street. Rob Clack says that I have a thing about it and he's right, of course. Iain Sinclair (author of 'Whitechappel:Scarlet Tracings') describes it as a portal from one world to another and anybody who has been there will probably agree to its otherworldliness.

    *The reason I think it stands out is due to the fact that I think it's on its way out. I was there last week and the whole area is under development for the extensions to the East London Line. There's a giant bridge-like construction in front of it at the moment. What it's all going to look like in a year's time is anyone's guess.*

    2. Of all the existing landmarks ( not necessarily Ripper related ) which still stand in the East End, which are the most impressive or even...make your breast swell when you gaze on them ? If possible, please elaborate....

    *It changes all the time. There are several, not necessarily because they are impressive, though Christchurch fills me with increasing awe every time I look up at it.*

    *Grey Eagle Street is agood one due to its barrenness and dereliction which reminds me of how the area seemed many years ago.*

    *But at night, any number of places can impress. Assembly Passage, Gunthorpe Street, Limehouse, parts of Hoxton... the list is growing.*

    3. We all know that Phil Hutchinson is a pain in the ass, but have you ever engaged in photo-shoots in conjunction with the celebrated tourmeister in the East End ? If so, could you please give us the most gossipy anecdote off the top of your head?

    *You obviously jest, sir! Phil's a top bloke and a thoroughly entertaining guide who knows his stuff and doesn't sell the punters short.*
    *I have never arranged anything officially but have taken photographs on his tours, with some of him in action. Gossip I have none. But I do recall one riposte to a drunken heckler who shouted out "Yooo caaant, youfukkin know nuffin abaht London!!! After a few seconds contemplation, Phil turned to his group and said "that's why brothers and sisters are not allowed to have babies together" (or words to that effect.*

    4. I for one am very impressed with the quality of the photographs you have provided Ripperologist Magazine on the two occasions you've done so. Are there any more in store for a hungry audience?

    *If there is a demand, I'd be happy to do more because I really enjoy it - maybe with a different theme, next time. The night shots were great to work on, but I don't want to overdo it!*

    5. Since photography is more than just a hobby for you at this point, have you ever considered placing advertisements in local newspapers searching for old family photos which might be of value to the community ? If so, please elaborate.

    *Can't say I have. Sorry this is such a short answer, but it's never crossed my mind.*
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    I love John Bennett's photo's, they are so dark and gloomy, but at the same time show the effect the light has on the area.

    The man has balls to be out at night taking pics in that area, I walked around in the day and was still brickin it!!

    Great questions and answers


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      Originally posted by Mike Covell View Post
      The man has balls to be out at night taking pics in that area, I walked around in the day and was still brickin it!!
      Either balls or great recklessness!!!

      Cheers for the nice words, Mike.