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Help Request : List Of 1887 Attacks On Women In The East End

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  • Help Request : List Of 1887 Attacks On Women In The East End

    Is there a list of women who were attacked on the street or elsewhere in the East End for the year 1887 ?

    Please let me/us know...

    Thanks !!
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    Hi How,

    If there is a list, I believe it would be incomplete. I doubt many of these crimes were reported -- at least those committed against the type of women who were murdered the following year. They probably took their lumps and went on with it -- went with the territory so to speak.

    Look at Margaret Haymes' case, which was in 1887. The coroner there, Wynne Baxter, who would be known in 1888 as a meticulous coroner, leaving no stone unturned in the interest of justice, pretty much acted ho-hum in this case and made no attempt to chastise the police for a half-assed investigation, other than to use it as an excuse for a half-assed inquest.

    Emma Smith, who's injuries were very significant, would probably have never been known to us if she had not died as a result of her attack. The doctor apparently had no inclination to report this vicious assault to the police. Only the fact that her death prompted the legally obligatory inquest did the police even find out about it and the press picked up on it.

    I'm sure some things made it to the Thames magistrate's court when charges were actually filed and some press like Lloyd's or the East London Observer covered some incidents, but we would be hard pressed, at this remove, to quantify what happened to many of these women in 1887.
    Best Wishes,
    Cris Malone
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      Joseph Loane's Sanitary report

      This gives a few clues.

      Monro's Annual Report in July of 1889 has this to say.

      Of the development of crime in the metropolis, the evidence is only too conclusive. The number of criminal offences reported to the police in 1887 was just under 22,000. Last year there was an increase on this number of 2,700. It is observable that, while the cases of murder have more than doubled, there being 13 in 1887 as compared with 28 last year, the convictions have fallen from 8 to 6. Attempts to murder show an advance, both in the crimes and the convictions.

      Not sure where Monro's 13 murders in 1887 and Loane's 80 come from?


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        Thanks for the replies, gents.

        Excellent points, Cris, about the Hames and Smith cases.
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          I always believed Jack didn't start his activities in 1888 and believe evidence of previous attacks--I believe stranglings--might point to Jack. So I have looked for such information and haven't found much. However I remember reading, here or Casebook, a researcher had attempted to compile a list. Don't remember the researcher's name and I saw it quite a while ago. I think it may be here at the Forum. As I recall the researcher had done his best but he believed it to be incomplete. Maybe the researcher I mention will recognise himself.

          If we think Jack's activities escalated, I would surmise he might have attempted a very violent attack that was noticed prior to 1888.
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            That was Trevor Bond who put a thread together on victims from 1888.
            Thanks for mentioning that.
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              Here's an account where a woman was beaten in October 1887 in the vicinity of Brick Lane and George Street. The attack was interrupted by two men. They were stabbed with a pocket knife for their intervention. The original attack of the "old woman" echoes the case of Margaret Hames. Interestingly, we have the name of the attacker, but not the name of the female victim here. A quick search turned up nothing in the Old Bailey records. John Stanley was only remanded for a week, so he could easily be a suspect in similar local cases (such as Margaret Hames's December 8, 1887 attack). The knife is also notable.

              Click image for larger version

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                Another account of the same event, with the added detail that it took place outside a public house:

                Click image for larger version

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