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  • Newspaper Archive Question

    If anyone has an active sub to Newspaper Archive and wouldn't mind too much allowing me to access it from time to time.... not every day, of course...but on rare occasions in which I might need to use it. One of our members had it and was kind enough to allow me to use once in a while...I will reciprocate and can hook you up with one of our sites.

    Anyone caring to make a deal, send me a pm. Thanks
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    British Newspaper Archive

    So, (stupid me) I decided to take out a month's subscription to access the 26-million+ pages of articles in the BNA. Looks like they have absolutely nothing from the Times, Echo, Daily Chronicle, etc. I have a rhetorical question: WTF?!!!


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      Hi John

      I've sent you a PM.


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        Thank you Robert. Sorted!


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          Hey Howie, are you looking for US newspapers or British?
          Regards, Jon S.
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            I get The Times archive via my local library (online), it's cumbersome to use, but for free I aint complaining!

            If libraries in Oz are offering it, surely you should be able to get it in the UK.
            The Daily Chronicle, I'd love to read if anyone knows where to access it online.

            I had the Echo on microfiche, but gave to a guy to pdf for me and never got it back:-(
            Thanks for your time,
            dusty miller