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Some advice about privacy laws

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    Thanks Rob and Paul.
    I understand why the companies would want to do it but with me not being the customer and giving a signature as proof that I had taken delivery of my neighbours parcel and having spoken to the driver and him not mentioning it really really really annoyed me to say the least.
    It seems like it's something I'll have to get used. Or I could just refuse to take in the neighbours parcels anymore!


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      I sold a very old brooch once and the courier said they had knocked and not got an answer. They took it to a neighboring flat and it was signed for by someone giving their first name, very scrawly too. As I had paid to have it signed for I was surprised when it went missing. (I had insured it). I think it was a scam. The buyer said they never received it and the neighbor said they never signed for it. I did get money back eventually and refunded the buyer but it was all a bit strange... I can understand why couriers want to protect themselves but they should have asked you first...


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        As I said, though, taking a photograph of Debs' door doesn't demonstrate that they handed her the parcel, so it proves nothing.
        Kind regards, Sam Flynn

        "Suche Nullen"
        (F. Nietzsche)