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A couple of questions from a newbie

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  • A couple of questions from a newbie

    OK, so maybe I can't quite be considered a newbie.

    Anyway, I have a couple of dumb questions that I can't seem to resolve for myself:

    1. Thomas James or James Thomas Sadler?

    2. I've been using "Major Sir Henry Smith" to describe the former assistant & chief commissioner of the City Police. I can't figure out where I got this and I'm trying to be accurate as best I can, but I think this would be wrong no matter which way you slice it; when he was assistant commissioner, should it be simply "Major Henry Smith"? I know he received his KCB in 1910, but he's now "Lieut. Col. Henry Smith". Can anyone help me get my head around the appropriate way to address him and from when to when?

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    Long time lurker, first time poster here....

    It's James Thomas Sadler

    It's also Major Henry Smith. He was knighted in 1910....the 'Sir' business starts in 1910.

    This is his 1910 autobiography for anyone interested :
    From Constable To Commissioner....
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      Hi John,

      Rank, title, name —

      Thus, post 1910 the proper form of address would have been Major Sir Henry Smith.



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        Thank you Howard & Simon.

        I think the "Lieut.-Col." bit threw me.