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  • Ink-redible

    Not sure if other folks are experiencing this, but it's difficult to obtain ink 'round these here parts. Had to order some on-line as all the local stores aren't carrying any. Best Buys has a notice on their Collegeville store page stating that the closest place carrying the the ink we're looking for ( the run of the mill Canon 2525XL ) is 250 miles from here....which is why we picked it up on line.

    Amazon seems to be overcharging ( actually, gouging) for the merch. No wonder Bezos has all that bread.

    Anyone else in the States or other locales having issues with ink?
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    HP304XL cartridges have been in short supply down here in West Sussex since first computer stores, supermarkets etc...and yes I had to pay excessive prices via Amazon too...mine are for a very much run of the mill HP Envy 5020...


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      Got the ink two days ago, Dave. Cost a bit ( around 44 bucks).

      Sumbitches have the ink on sale for 50 percent off the day after we bought it.

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        My HP304XLs are retailing on Amazon for about GBP55 the pair or GBP40 for remanufactures (with the cheaper of the latter you have to beware rebadged ordinary 304s)...That's $74 or $54 respectively at todays rates.

        I think we're all getting ripped off but UK buyers especially!