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Letters from Monro to Henderson

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  • Letters from Monro to Henderson

    I'm wondering if a member here lives reasonably close to Norwich?

    I've noticed two seemingly interesting letters in the Norfolk Record Office. As I, alas, live in Denmark, I've no opportunity to visit myself, and the prices for a photo are horrendous! As an archivist myself, I can assure you that you'll never have to pay such fees in my institution.

    The letters are from Monro to former commissioner Henderson. They're in the collection of Henderson's correspondance at Norfolk Record Office

    One is:
    Item 4: Assistant Commissioner Munro re his own resignation to follow that of Henderson, 1888.
    File NEV 10/76, 591X2 - Official Correspondence

    The other is:
    Item 9:Mr Munro re problems at Scotland Yard, 1888

    There also Item 10: W.T. Stead asking if he would discuss the 'present inability of the Police to cope with serious crime in London', 1888.

    In: File NEV 10/86, 591X3 - Official Correspondence

    I was hoping someone might be willing til swing by and take a photo of these letters (apparently, one has to pay 4£ for the privilege of a 30-minute photo permit! Outrageous!)

    Or, of course, if these letters are known and have already been accessed, that would be nice to know as well