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  • Here's 25 to start with (again)

    Luckily, these are still available on the worldwide site message boards:

    1. JTR was a sex criminal, or 'SSK'.
    2. The police knew who JTR was.
    3. JTR was a dapper man, wore a top hat and cape, and carried a shiny black doctor's bag.
    4. The victims all knew each other.
    5. JTR was looking for a particular woman as he killed.
    6. JTR wrote many of the letters received by the police.
    7. JTR kept a diary.
    8. JTR had an accomplice.
    9. JTR lurked in the fog and ambushed unsuspecting women.
    10. No one ever saw JTR.
    11. The case can never be or will never be solved.
    12. JTR made a deathbed confession.
    13. JTR had Royal connections.
    14. Shirley Harrison is a Ripper Authority.
    15. Patricia Cornwell found "the DNA of Jack the Ripper".
    16. The London Police of 1888 were incompetent fools.
    17. JTR was a Mason.
    18. Melvin Harris knows who forged the Maybrick Diary.
    19. The 'Ripper Experts' know a lot more about JTR than anyone else.
    20. There were 5 actual victims - no more or less.
    21. Modern criminal profiling has identified the type of man that JTR must have been.
    22. JTR was like many other serial killers.
    23. Ripperologists do not want to see the case solved.
    24. JTR killed prostitutes because he had good reason to hate their kind.
    25. After 1888, JTR went to South America and began killing again.

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    28. That all of the pieces of "evidence" pointing to James Maybrick,"discovered"within a brief period of time, are coincidental and do not look fishy

    29. That the witticism within the Goulston Street graffiti could have been or more importantly,would have been fabricated by a schizophrenic immigrant with a marginal command of English.

    30. That despite not knowing his identity,we can rest assured he was a heterosexual, since heteros kill heteros and blah blah blah.

    31. That the almost impossible odds that the distances between the victims was not calculated.

    32. That because an eccentric artist had an interest in the crimes, possibly drawing them from hearsay accounts,and had a problem with his genitals,that it was worth it ruining some of his paintings and absolutely blowing umpteen million dollars on proving nothing.

    33. Since we need MORE proof that Maybrick was JtR, the Goulston Street graffiti is misread. It doesn't say, "The Juwes...". It says," The James are the men that will be blamed for nothing...." Its really just a typo,folks.

    34. That the removal of the internal organs meant nothing. Just like the random distance between the 5 canonical murders means nothing.

    35. That a rank and file "bag-person"( as we say in the US ) could simply pull this thing off. Not to mention a deranged one...who could apparently keep his mouth shut....

    36. That the crimes could have been pulled off by someone with no medical knowledge. Three A.M. and I can't find my ass with two hands...Jack can bypass a spleen with his eyes closed.

    37. That interest in the case will eventually wane as Madame Cornwell or Paul Feldman will solve the case with the obvious motives they have unearthed.

    38. Since Jack was not leading the league in brains,the piece of Eddowes apron at the Goulston Street site, was placed there to direct the police as to where he went....
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      39. He had to be a native of Whitechapel
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        You don't know much about pinheads,huh,Ivor !!? Thats Schlitze,from the 1932 film FREAKS. Schlitze,despite the Teutonic sounding name,was actually a Mexican man who felt more comfortable wearing dresses.....He is said to have worked closely with another pinhead who lives in Connecticut on some A?R theory, regarding the solution to the JtR case. He is said to be the "brains" of the duo....Anyway,I like the sense of wonder that Schlitze seemed to possess regarding anything. Besides,he's far more photogenic than I am...It was a no-brainer putting his mug up there.
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          40. The Ripper quit killing because he was afraid of being tracked with bloodhounds.


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            And based on this patern and sense of logic, it just goes to further prove, at least in my opinion, that Jack clearly was of sound mind.


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              I think that what has given rise to these misconceptions about JTR being a disorganized killer is the descriptions of the murder scenes as being messy - and the murderer would have been drenched in blood, etc.

              This misconception of a barking lunatique prowling the streets, looking for any sorry drab who ahhpened to cross his path is absolutely ridiculous, but the picture of an out of control psychopath is what emerges when the murders continue to be described as bloodbaths.


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                41. That just because there's been a long history of JTR analysts declaring him to be local, the likelihood of its being true reduces.
                42. That contextual antiSemitism means that you can't say JTR was possibly Jewish even if you can back that up with logic. Conversely, that rampant antiSemitism among the Victorians means you can't talk about ethnicity at all.
                43. That other professions, especially butchery, can't make exacting knife-sweeps in a way that looks impressive to a medic. That is, that a person who appears to have learned rather quickly the internal organs of the female human and how to kill her swiftly might not have had a headstart practising on other large mammals like pigs. Indeed, that to suggest so always implicates the speaker in the desire to denegrate women by comparing them to meat.
                44. That modern serial killer analysis must always be regarded with disdain, coming as it does from such democratised sources as National Geographic Channel and crime TV.


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                  Originally posted by How Brown View Post

                  32. That because an eccentric artist had an interest in the crimes, possibly drawing them from hearsay accounts,and had a problem with his genitals,that it was worth it ruining some of his paintings and absolutely blowing umpteen million dollars on proving nothing.
                  Hi Howie

                  I wanted to address this obvious reference to the allegation that Patricia Cornwell destroyed a painting by Walter Sickert during her research, as reported early on when her book Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed came out in 2002 and repeated a number of times since.

                  As we published in "I Beg" in Ripperologist 85, November 2007, during her appearance at a fundraiser in aid of Scotland Yard's Crime Museum on Friday, 16 November, she denied that she had destroyed a Sickert painting. Specifically we reported, "during the question and answer session, Ms Cornwell stressed several times that she has not damaged any Sickert painting, as has been alleged."

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